September 15, 2009

Die hard Meguairs Fanatics - detailing New HOnda CITY

This is 4 months old latest Honda CITY, being polish initial by step 2 & NXT2.0, weekly wash
& Last touch

megs sticker given by me, he is very influence by me, as he saw the results of Megs Power stuff, it was him who makes me gone into detailing

I've help me to acquired: gold class wash, clay, Quik Detailer, UQD, NXT 2.0, Step 2 & Microfibers cloths

Just when we about to called it a day (11pm), my good neighbour, started to wash his car & trying to polish off some minor scratches after being hit by a drop toll - pole

The moment when i turn my Halogen lights towards his yards, swirls that i have been waiting appeared. So there is no reason why A fellow Megs Fanatics couldn't help another Megs Fans to correct SWIRLS & beautify his rides,

So quickly, wash all my pads & spins dries & M80 yeah...resolve its swirls

grand lavina Nissan just detailed

This is the 2nd ride i detailed on sunday, (3rd for this weekend)
came home, after detailing the CRV honda, blown 1 candles for our youngest daughter .....we had a very good .....chocolate, cheese, cakes :-)

only yesterday night we faced a giant over his wife's little Hyundai. initial assessment some minor scratches & swirls. thank God Tim came over to help out.

What we did:-
2 bucket wash -
Clayed -
M105 with wool on the bonnet
followed by M80 with ccs cutting pad
M80 ccs polishing pad
NXT 2.0

Last touch with UQD

Results - astonising
some pics before

a glance you will not see any problem

But closer look

cuts on the hood

September 14, 2009

Honda CRV timely detailed for celebration

This was the 2nd of the 4 rides(another 2 to go) that i detailed (solo). It was a referred client from the new black CRV owner ( post detailing delivered- 2 weeks ago) She is preparing for Hari raya (Muslim new year celebration) - 5 sweet sweat hours of detailing

elegantly yours

2 years old daily driven rides, frequent wash but lots of water mark & whitish stain. well hided under dim area.

what did I do:-
-2 Bucket wash
-APC on all wheels, boor trims with lots of brushes
-Gold class interior, exterior vinyl & plastic trims
-Eagle one on tires

-M 105 with CCS cuttting foam pad
-M 80 with CCS cuttting foam Pad
-M 80 with CCS polishing foam pad

M105 on all door & bonnet jam

NXT 2.0
finish with UQD

Hyundai Getz details - extreme detailing - spiderman @ work

Once again another weekend, my detailing wings is out. This is one of the two ride my neighbor asked me to details. This 5 years Hyundai is daily driven & wash by the road side (USD2 perwash & vacumm) , in resulting........
& badly damage paint

He was anxiously waiting for my returning to detail up his ride, reach home @ 7.30 pm.... where our night mare begins...this will be my last attempt in detailing dark rides at night....i lost my was like endless night...we finish everything by 1am

what did we do:-
-2 Bucket wash
-Clay with aggressive clay bar
-Eagle one on tires
-D 151 (AIO) with single sided wool pad (a bit of M105)
-D 151 with ccs cutting foam
-D 151 with flexipad polishing foam
NXT 2.0
finish with UQD

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