February 12, 2010

Where does your ride takes you to?

I have 280bhp stock under my hood..Vtec ...Dvvt...Vanos....I have got twin turbo....I have got a super charger...

I only have Kei-car with 67 Bhp enough to carry 4 grown man....or two of us & two baby seat

Kei car, K-car, or keijidōsha (軽自動車, lit. "light automobile") (pronounced /keːdʑidoːɕa/), is a Japanese category of small city Cars, including passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks . They are designed to exploit local tax and insurance relaxations, and in more rural areas are exempted from the requirement to certify that adequateparking is available for the vehicle

while going out for a some good seafood......after a quick detail....rain came down...throughout the 50km journey to Klang, Kg Jawa....Hing ket

Good thing i protected before it happen & the rain water beaded so well....means the layer of was is working... create a good surface tension to resists mother nature treat

Car Wash - Bently Continental Supersports

British-based Bentley has launched the Continental Supersports at the motor show in Geneva, which is its fastest and most powerful vehicle yet,

and to add more spice, the Supersports’ W12 power plant is able to consume petrol as well as biofuel or ethanol (E85).

Polishing & finishing pad



how many mickey can u see from this pics

MA Ma Mia
some of hot stuff arrived from the states..............................

February 9, 2010

car paint heavily oxidized and restored by Seech & KC

what to do with an oxidized, dull, paint on a 8 years old car, never wax & polish before on the paint

KIA spectra

this was the 2nd car we did last Sunday, after the Toyota Wish
we only had quick break & Drink rushing to this rescue mission

One day , One of my close Friend call me as he stumble upon my blog, while browsing in a car forum

he couldn't believe seeing me detailing the Ferrari, Porsche & Lexus .... not even a pro but only an enthusiast
I wouldnt have done it all alone thus this far ....but sparks by Seech PASSION

this was a last minute arrangement, as this will be my last Sunday detailing Session..........

Thank God Seech came along otherwise I would have turn off this challenge

Upon arriving to the house, we thought easy job.....but closer look & investigation..................NOPE......

The paint was very dull, heavily oxidized, hardly look like a titan blue & rear 1/4 has lots of splattered paint on it, hard water stain
Front head lamp was sanded by the owner while trying to remove the oxidation & the bumper & hood was scratch too.....another request from my Friend is to detail the engine & stained windows

This is a 8 years old car, never been polish or waxed before

pls view the rest of this history

50% of our energy was used in the 1st ride & now left 50% to do the 2nd one

one very encouraging place to view is a very clean engine
regularly detail by the owner himself

what more to say - oxidized .... dullness....

some bird dropping itch the owner tries to sand off

Toyota Rush Just detail by Seech & KC

Toyota rush Just detail by seech & KC (horrendous stain for a 6month )

Toyota RUSH is one those yuppies 4 wheels
Very good geometry, esp for ladies driver...you can see way far ahead...though a bit bumpy but its nice to drive one....

My Body shop friends , call me saying that his client car need to be detail for chinese new year....hmmmm.... i was suppose to detail my uncle Camry ....but
I guess...i can tell my uncle...i will do a better job without rushing in later dates

view from a far not too bad

how to get
from that
to this

view from a far not too bad

but........................near pics blowing my mind off

how can this be for a 6 months old ride

February 7, 2010


What magic can do do to get this to ride transformed to show room condition?
pics befor

some extreme close up pics on these corroded paint....

Pics of roof before

ta ta ta ta ta