August 27, 2011

Optimum Power clean by Malaysia Detailing guru KC's

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make
Life is wonderful ... have fun

turning a rough into a gem in minutes.......

look at this

abandon...just like Herbie

from here


just in 5 seconds

with the almighty Power clean (OPC)
I had so much fun

how it works

DONT u loves OPC

The polymer is great agent in agitating & encapsulate the dirt/stains/tree saps/bugs / tar/ contamination

Spray on wipe on & rinse off......immediately

more over Its clear coat paint safe - unlike others APC, me headache & skin issue

I dont believe we need to be fooled by paying hundreds 0f bucks $$$ to others & our car is threaten by the hands of untrained...anyone can detail

now u can fun

To all our muslim buddies, have a great time celebration & happy Family reunion

August 24, 2011

KC's the Porsche Tamer - Monster just detail

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

I had great fun with 2 of my detailing buddies - Seech & Muyo

have fun
user posted image

user posted image

its a huge monster

user posted image

only possible with
user posted image

with just a little passion & plenty of passion
user posted image

thanks to the space age technology

from Muyo
Default Porsche Cayenne Magnum RS: Just Detail It

last week ago, i have been called up by KC to detail a Porsche Cayenne. this is not a normal Cayenne you can see on the road, this Cayenne tuned by TechArt Magnum RS has a 4.5cc V8 turbo inside the hood which produce 500hp, so this Cayenne is a really rare exotic car i ever seen in my life. moving any further, this car being carefully clean with OPC and followed by wash with ONR. wheels also being properly clean with OPC by Seech, claying and engine detailing was done by KC, interior and exterior protection done by me. the Cayenne turned out really great, thanks to both detailing guru-s give me this opportunity to detail with them, what i can say is i really did have a good time with you guys. any further delays i just let the picture do the talking. enjoy yourself!

tuned by TechArt

looking fierce

hmm.. whats inside i wondering

did you just spot something inside?

cant spot dirt on matte

opti-clean to clean interior



and wipe


with just this few products

and this

i missed the "S"

thanks for reading again.