July 19, 2010

Luxurious Hacked by a professional detailer, rescued by KC

Luxurious Hacked by a professional detailer, rescued by KC

I am very fortunate again, counted worthy to help my friend to detail her luxurious ride.

she wouldn't have sent to any detail but waited for me till my convenience
she know what she want , the level of prefection

my apologies for the delay...here goes the rest of the story

A luxurious Merz S 550 , they got this ride fully imported (recondition unit) just over 1 year old.

This ride really caught my sight, and remind me as i have been maintaining my uncle previous S series. Great luxurious looking Ride......

But under proper lighting......erchhhhh...arghhhhhh......

swirls & later sent to a wrong hand..it got buffing trails (AKA HOlograming)

another paid to wack Job

in the worng hand
this is what happen when it ended with a person with the wrong technic, marring the paint

led torch is good to shine our hologramming

halogen light is good shine out swirls

look at the damage

there are 3 isssue here
the swirls caused by improper techniques & material use
2ndly it was sent to detail instead the clear coat get burnt
3rdly the pad could be dirty or the detailer did not wash & clay prior detailing...look at the round deep scratch..even rounded scratched