February 6, 2010

A simple make over your car - quick detail by KC

when it about time for me to do a routine tire check for balancing & alignment... preparing for Chinese new year home exodus...came to realized my tires is on the warning mark....
quick clean with APC & brushes off the wheels...otherwise
i cant tell them i am a car detailer.....sad to see my clear coat on the wheels is peeling off.... too much of apc with hard scrubs...

last glimpse of my 10 yr old OEM wheels 13''

ta ta

wanna to give life vibrancy to you car...... ? facing mid lives crisis & cross road junction ? aimless drifting away

all you need is getting a set of new rims & quick detail

i am amaze what wheel can do to your ride

the very next night
I had a quick wash,:detailer:
& quick wax & sealing the wheels....just when...stand back & take a look to admire...lets give it a whole wash
that is already 11.00pm & literally(as i do not want to wake up my whole neighbourhood, i would if i have a indoor garage)
hand buff the whole car with Meguiars M 205 & Wax by NXT 2.0 + Seal with Meguiars M135 sealant & the very next morning...Hand buff Meguiars Gold class & Seal with Meguiars M135 sealant

Wash + Dry
Wheel - wash dry & wax with NXT 2.0

Car body -
Wash + Dry
Meguiars M205 - hand polish
Meguairs NXT 2.0 - hand buff
Meguairs M135 Sealant
8 hours later
Meguairs Gold class wax - hand buff
Meguairs M135 Sealant

as i dont want to be the werewolf howling to awakes the whole neighbourhood
ta ta ta ta ta ta ta

10 year old original paint...glossy & wet looks

Gold class polymers wax is a very good combination to drip yr car wet


to a beholder the beauty always looking beautiful

she is park 7 twenty four outside
under hard sun & acid rain & extreme & intense heat

the only protection...i had for her is the thin slice of sealant...protection

by them time a finish was 1.30 am

even our security guard think i am insane..:censored:..washing....polishing ...waxing till werewolf appears:tumbleweed:

thanks for viewing again

definitely a regular routine will keep your car shinning for a very long time

I think 10 years old ride can be transformed with a little passion ....
thanks for viewing again.....have fun on your ride


  1. great blog..it is really fun and enjoy to read your blog and am starting to look into car detaling...

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  4. Yeah thanks and I've been following u guys through autoworld forum and your blog, and the rest, fishbonze, macdude end etc for quite sometime..you guys really got the passion on car detailing. Good jobs.


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