May 20, 2010

Does Optimum no rinse car wash as good as they says?

some of the respond of ONR user
Hi All,
I met up with KC today to purchase ONR and try it out myself. Met up with him in town by the roadside. Really nice chap, explained everything in detail and did a full demo on how to use the product on my car by the roadside. Thats how this product works, u can basiclly wash ur car wherever you are, as long as u have ONR and Water. Went back home n tried it myself and my comments are below:-

- Great washing solution, you can just wash an entire car with one bucket of water. Very low risk of scratches/swirl marks from washing.
- Very mild washing solution , protects the paint in a way, but doesnt remove hard stains. My car was black , so cant see the dirt. But my dads car, silver color, dirt still can be seen on the paintwork. According to KC, need another product to clean heavily stained dirt.
-Has water beading effect , and gives a smoother touch for the paintwork. Deeper shine can be seen.

Conclusion: If you have restricted space to wash (condo), no running water, and want to keep the car clean often...this is the only solution for u. Perfect for me. I can wash my car twice a week now , keep it more clean. Saves you lotsa time too.

Some pics before

Pics after ONR WASH
pics before wash

pics after wash

Got my E90 ONR optimum no rinse WASH by KC.. was an eye popping experience to see my one week never wash car got dry cleaned by just spray and wipe plus even waxed! Amazing solution!

Some photos I took while the detailing sifu at work..

ONR diluted in osren foam spray bottle - ratio 1oz : 1 litre water

Just wipe, no rinse!

Spray-on Wax, no need buffing, just wipe, immediate result!

last sunday for a very interesting day out for me & i believe to many others who turn up too.. from this quick detailing

was an eye popping experience to see my one week never wash car got dry cleaned by just spray and wipe plus even waxed! Amazing solution! :
OPTIMUM car care
Eh? 40 minutes complete full detailing, washing, sealing & waxing,.
That's really fast. Ya,i like the 3 products you use
in that article. Seem you really enjoying the detailing process as you
don't need so much effort to get to a very nice detailing. Already got
1 of it so am hoping to get the other 2. Heck, I want the entire
range. Will put my order as soon as the stuff you order from us
arrive. For now, have to be satisfied with onr only.


Thanks for the tip KC. Well, personally I've never sent my car to roadside wash, although cheap. Only once I sent my car to some carwashspa in Sunway, which costs me RM 12. Came highly recommended.

Anyways, that said, back during the early days, when I was only armed with NO knowledge, and just washed cars using sponge, some solution, and dried them off with t shirts [yes, I've erred so badly] I myself have caused some irreparable damage to my own rides' paint.

Bird stains were scratched off with water and t shirt [again] after a long day at work, thus making more scratches on the affected spot. That was before I joined forums like BMWCM, Megs, ContiLovers and etc, and got to know the joys of detailing.

The usage of microfibres or what I used to christen them as MCFB [sounds rather rude ], then Tupps Wash and Wax for 2 years, then MCFB sponges and mitts, magic towels bought from ACE, then finally, steeling myself to take the plunge and invest in Meg's Cleaner Wax, before progressing to getting myself a ROB, and Meg's NXT 2.0 Wax, then UQD... and now, the most sensational product I've ever used, ONR.. All thanks to Mr. KC and Seech for introducing the product.

Although my car already in bad shape, but still, I love it to bits, and still spend hours washing, waxing, claying, even when it's gonna rain and the clouds are dark.. My neighbours might think I'm crazy, but heck, it's my passion. Of course my cars won't be as shiny as what KC and Seech or even B33MER's end results, but hey, as long as it puts a smile on my face, and seeing it reflected off the paintwork.

Now that's the joy in detailing.

Albeit as an amateur.

shine courtesy of ONR, ONR, and more ONR

bro kc you da man

Originally Posted by seech View Post
hahahah.... ONR does leave a shine behind after every wash doesn't it?

Wait until you try the other stuff....
haha other optimum products?or just generally other products?my next goal is to learn how to detail engine bays and chrome muffler tips...but takut to simply bantai using products off the shelf, as it is it took weeks before i was convinced of the benefits of ONR and now i swear by it

i happen to demo to my buddy....this afternoon

car not wash for months & cake up with dust

Pic of 50/50 %

look at the 50/50 % pic after ONR

remember before

although this is not a magic wash but simple & effective ...leaving behind the silky feels
as this proves to be the one & only rinseless wash

Thans to Doc G

the founder & creator of Optimum


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