July 7, 2010

BMW Club Malaysia - Detailing Hands on Session By Seech & KC's

BMW Club Malaysia - Detailing Hands on Session By Seech & KC's

We had this honour to conduct another detailing class for local car clubs.... and we always loves to share what we know, as the importance transference of knowledge to others.

the day begin
sharing my passion of detailing… & showing them my Nissan 2 face

& henceforth to show car lovers how to correct their paint damages professionally

Seech started with the 5 steps car care

and we asked for a volunteer ride
Guess what we got…a E60…530 …thanks to our generous Bro A, so we onr washed the ride & everyone put their hand


Pics after clayed…this is what we got from his ride

pics before rims detailing…a very very tedious way to clean this Msport rims

close up

tad a

we Opti wax the car

now Master seech…explaining a rear scratches the owner concern & wanted us to remove…
our brave Master wet sanded the car & show step by step…correction & till finally restores....sanding mark removed by Megs M105 & solo burgundy wool h & W8007 pad with # 205

look at all the attentive eyes

indeed after that ,, every body got so fire up for rotary

rotary rotary

what we wanted was a severely damaged paint…bro Ray generously allow us to detail his Civic was supposedly send for respraying


Paint correction with LC Wool & Megs M 105
Step down to LC CCS polishing with Megs M 105
Finishing off with Megs M 205 with Finishing pad

OC Wax
some of the process pics

Pics before…damage by washing

how can it be

tad a 50/50 % comparison picture

from this

to this

a perfect 50/50% pic

Beloved bro Bimmer holic
another side scratches removed

before pics…

the most rotaries on the surface on of the paint record

tad a da pics after

rear spoiler
50/50 %

the legend finally appear to finish of the detail…final touch prior handling back the car to the owner

twikle twinkle little star

how I wonder where would u r …..

look at the close up inspection pics after

ta da

some ta da pics for your admirations

cheers to all the udm who came on that day

we wouldn’t have the success without all who turn up

thanks for viewing my post again
detailing blog


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