November 23, 2010

A free Hands on Car dertailing - by detailien

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb

I am fearfully & wonderfully make

Another hands on Car detailing - SHOW ME YOUR WORK by Detailien

it was another maniac Saturday.....

Request from one of my buddy who got his ride back from UK & wanna me to dfo a full correction on his ride.....& at the same time...........
many enthusiast (all at one go) want me also to detail their ride as well - I would loves too ............... but TIME is not always on my side

I wish I am Omni present - all present

for once i remember the old saying that goes...if i give u a fish will feed u a day but if i teach you to fish - it will feed you for life

bad swirls cos by improper washing

How often do we get our car wash & sent it to a proper place - doing it correctly to avoid damages inflicting to the paint- such as swirls - RIDS - scratch

DONT Take the "tiada apa" attitude (AKA - no worries) what most of us will do locally here - get it done in 30 minutes for RM 8 at the road side car wash -

Car from the west is always bound to have more paint issue - as most of them is neglected, due to four season weather & up to 50 pound to wash a car..ended

today we have :- 4 Contestant -

contestant number #1
6 years old ride, - both in & ext - need a major job

Number # 2 a brand new coat of paint, 2 week old paint

Number # 3 , a brand new car -

Number # 4th

BACK GROUND................
- no water
- No electricty
- No shade

all we have was a back lane between Petrol Station & A we are

the rest is history

We had a swift wash & wax

after ONR WASH

dirt trapped by the tension solution & dirt beneath held by it

rim before

close up

and we got all our cars wash with ONR & rims as well

car # 1
surface preps begins after a good good wash

to remove surface above contaminants

and i pass to the owner himself

periodically check after each 2' X 2' area -

this is the reason of the paint roughness

continue claying

roof picked up

more participant...on ONR wash prior surface preps

soon we got more...& more car washed without having any water supply

now a close up shot to show the rear boot

the bigger pic would be a mark damaged by foot ball

front bonnet scratches by Rubbing compound - suspecting some OTC compound

what a scratch

there is no electricity supplies as well

so we did a correction using hand
tape 50/50%

can u see a different without proper lighting???

maybe for those with Good eye sight



another before pic


hologramming before


remember before


look clearer with proper lighting

swirls from washing


remember the clearer & corrected side

another ride detail

congrats to the new clothes on the ride

but there is a lot of wax residues

there is only 2 way to remove either with super degreaser or Power clean

interior before

tape prior detailing...


8 sec later

just brush wipe & walk away

glove compartment, oily & stains
prior detailing


cant see much different but
now when it is dry


door jam area lining....another nightmare area to detail...before


Opower clean 1:8 water dilution & brushes off, wipe & walk away



close up shot


detailing is make easy with the right tools

moving to the side steps protector & door jam trap.....stains & dirt

close up

ta da


side door panel & plastic detailing
dirt trapped inside - that makes
old & dirty to show the aged ride


ta da



side door before



50/50% comparison

now after



seats after clean by Opower clean 1 : 8 water & brush



now is good for protection

seal. all exterior - once every 3-4 months

e simplicity & effectiveness..put everyone at ease & enjoy life

spray & spread ( 3 puff for the whole bonnet\)


ta da

time spent :

WASH ONR 20 minutes + RIMS cleaning
CLAY 45 minutes
Optiseal 10 minutes
OC wax 5 minutes

and it is ready & protected for hARSH & threatening weather here


finishing pic

its time for a concourse de elegant

another yellow that is just wash & wax

ta da

later we TT to ease off & catching up wth each other

thanks to those who came & put their hand into detailing their ride
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++

later, invited another over to teach him to correct paint
hologram & buffing trials


Mr M has just purchase a SKILL & some consumer range products from Megs & he has try very hard to remove the hologramming

So he came as fast as possible but after 3 hours of our pits stop detailing - so I gave him a personal class...

Swirls & Hologram corrections;;;

wash & clay with ONR

POLISH with OPtimum Hyper polish with Lake country pad -

the different is SKILL lowest speed is makita speed no 4...1600RPM

that is the culprit..

2 hyper polish spray - spread with speed 1 (600RPM) gradual to speed 2 (900) to break the product down & finish off speed 1 ( by lifting a it of the machine



before hologram




ta d'a\\

thanks for viewing & appreciate yr feed back

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