June 20, 2010

professional detailing course - handling rotary (paint defect & corrections by KC)

Thumbs up A Natural Born Detailer

Personally I would like to thank Optimum Car Care's KC Yum for his magical work. His magic hands had done it once again.

Last month I believe I was attacked by a BIG BOMB (aka bird's dropping ), unknownly it has been there for days.. I guess you guys know the consequences. I tried to remove it but to no avail. I had got no choice but to send to my regular car care center in Aman Suria. They are quite a reputable and established car care center... maybe not so detailed to be called a detailer YET .. The boss checked and claimed that it's impossible to remove it. However as their member, I demanded him to try out..He asked his chief detailer (a Burmese 'nice' chap) to flex some muscles and kung-fu.. waited there and observed, then I got this feedback.. "tak boleh",.."betul tak boleh", then came the boss to tell me "it's oxidised, no way anyone can remove it and leave no stain mark".. Well, I was kinda disappointed.. I was thinking to an extent to re-paint but was advised not to since it's not so obvious. Hold on to the feeling, day after day, and following week sent my car for washing.. met the boss again, he asked whether I checked with anyone, I said "nope, not yet"... Then he said not even DiamondBright can remove it..wow, he seemed so confident...

Then I found this Natural Born Detailer by the name of KC ... a nice easy going chap, more like a lecturer and no nonsense when talk about detailing.. Unbelievable amazing touch, the MAKITA as if like a STORM-RIDER's sword.. his movement is gentle but effective. Job done in less than 5 mins (incl a simple 'no rinse' car wash)... I share this experience so that no bros should be taking for a ride by Half-Past-Six so called detailer...

KC did take some pics... hopefully he got time to upload them here to share with some bros.

Happy Father's Day to all FATHERS...
Cheers and thanks for reading....

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3 new rotaries - Bmw E60, Bmw L92, Proton Putra - paint defects & corrections

CONGRATS TO 3 NEW ROTARY OWNER......we did all the Optimum no rinse wash & clay prior corrections

Thanks for allthe demo cars...1st was bro ario E60

I was supprise " when ario... called me yesterday ......even questioning what is his intention.......infact....as he mentioned his car was sent for a detailing job & he needed me to do a correction....???????

I apologies " for answering rudely..as disbelieve...

"u think I am god ka!!!!...must read in PCK slang!!!!(local comedian)

And he answered..YES...i nearly fainted ...honestly..I am not...but just having an extra ordinary passion for car detailing...constantly challenging myself to the limits ...& leaving a trails for others to do better

AKA ,,......as also known as ...... alien ...to some...$%#@%^&*(()_++??>":ali3n gr33tings

as i was delivering 3 rotaries to the new owner...i extended u & 2 more...newbie for a short crash course..& apologizing to you guys waited for me for 2 hours...as i did a severe detailing job this afternoon...

some oldies pics....
it is on a far left hood of the e60... BTW ....brand new ya..

the issue here is ...there was ann etch on bird dropping ...

i thik the detailing shop guys....do es not have the right tool & training ...ignorantly replied...even god cannot help

camera can hardly take any good shots...2 cents here..silver is fantastic to hide imperfection & consoling yrself by taking off you specs while finding yr paint imperfection...
but seriously i know its so hard to live with that...pay to get wack...kinda feeling

so as the results they might have tried correcting it but....either the cloths or pad...is dirty & contaminated...gave some scratches on the paint

50/50 % shots....bran new makita...wool pad..then ...cutting pad LC with M105 & finishing off withe M 205 & optimum wax

total time required 7.5 minutes

ta da

2ndl was bro R,,,E 92...just a few months old car...severly swriled & scratches by some vandlizer

close up...fasten yr seat belts

3 issue here

swirls from washing....RIDS...in the wrong hand & cloths ...Vandalized

mini rotary class..student

before key scratched


ta da

ONR no rinse wash
Sanding paper 2000 grits.....
MAKITA Wool M 105, cutting M 105
M205 polishing pad

Optimum car wax...

the hand on sessio0n..

3rd car ...wira 1.8..
just came back from factory...did a paint shop.
this young owner called me up & ask ...how ...i got etching from bird dropping.....& dont know how i got this scratches

hmmmm...this is not from washing..but sanding mark & left there & not corrected

a 50/50 pics

look at the 2 side....the white now is white

tada the
suzuki swift sports ...review after 2 weeks

superb water beading

leaving with u galaxies picture

what did i learnt today..

everythng else you have got master or visa card..but detailing ship like this is RARE...

thanks guys...for coming along the way


  1. thanks buddies fish
    冠慧 said...

    While ordinary paper, but its significance is great

    thanks mate

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