December 27, 2010

BMW CLUB MALAYSIA & UDMS owners club Detailling TT with Kc's

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reporting to you once again - * all comment & posting is excerpt from the car club members -

Thank you for making it happen guys - cheers

Detailling TT on the 19th Dec 2010

Folks ,

I have spoken to KC and he has agreed to show us some of the magic he does on our beloved wheels. He is free on the 19th, and MMZ is the venue, time is 4 pm.

I need to gauge the interest of everybody in order to make this event happen. So if you are keen to attend, please list down your name as only if there is good number of people interested , can i confirm with KC as I dont want to waste his time as well.

Thank you for organising this event n TT..

Hi KC and Liew
A big thank you for sharing ur detailing experience with us..we really appreciate ur time n effort..n also for those whose make it to this TT

KC and Liew, a warm appreciation to the both of you for taking the time to give us some tips and pointers on caring for our cars. You are indeed a man of passion towards your craft.

And to all the members of BMWCM and UDMowners it was great seeing all of you at MMZ yesterday! Your presence made a difference !

Here are some photos from the event.

Some of the early birds...

Yazmeen's mean lookin machine has got Mount-o fixated !

KC's detailing workshop

The rain left water beads... "toilet roll"'s e90 was the lucky car for the demo

look at the rubber stains
before & after ta da

A scratch mark..?

just spray and wipe!

now caress the bonnet ..!!

all macho and wet...

One can feel the smoothness of the surface after calying has been applied

First time ever Black Robe washing his car!

All that residue from the wash

Rain again.. and back into the shelter..

sale. All sold out in minutes!!

Jarance a.k.a. Mr. DIY helping out a fellow member..

KC still at it with Yazmeen's and Mrwhy's cars even into the night..

thanks to all who came & cheers along the way

some of the most pleasant ppl we ever met that day

my heart felt thanks to

Thanks everyone for the great welcome and what a great event. Looking forward for more awesome meet ups such as this Thanks again to KC, Liew, Don Franco and everyone for walking the talk and seeing it coming to pass.
Nice detailing TT guys.

Great to see Master KC at work again!
dammm missed this time ..nice to see mastar KC with his awsome work there .... car had a puncture and had to get a friend to bring down a spare wheel for me

nice pictures and the weather doesn't stops the mastar ....rain or shine ...but the mastar is always shinning and ever willing to teach ...

bkslee ...where's the makita ??
...sorry saw ya missed sir but was busy mending my wheel ...

Never saw so many ppl today... like movie star appearance...ha..Thanks KC and Liew...
Was a great turnout! Thanks Don and gang for organising. KC and Liew, splendid job and serious passion guys!! Even in the rain and later under the street lights!!!! wow!!!

though the weather wasnt very friendly but it was still alright. Thanks to Don & those involved in organising this event. Also not forgetting KC & Liew for sharing their detailing knowledge with all of us. Cheers to all & nice knowing most of u.

Congratulation! Don Franco for the success in organizing the detailing meet, despite the heavy downpour, which does not dampen the burning passion of BMW connoisseurs who turn up..
Wah! Got kwai lo turn up also ka?! U people rocks la!

Hey, thanks so much to those of you who organised this session. It was great. Was amazed by our magician, KC!! Amazing stuff, that Optimum products. Was nice seeing so many M3s. Was also treated to some amazing driving skills by a certain M3. Superb show, bro!!!

Oops!! I just realised I forgot to pay for my teh o ais limau!! Whoever, settled it on my behalf let me know. In my haste to get home for dinner so not to piss the wife off, I forgot to pay.
A BIG Thanks to KC and Liew for taking time off to give the talk on detailing.

Special thanks to DOn for orgynising this small gathering. M boyz ada, Z boys ada but f10 takada..
KC & Liew, thank you for sharing with us your knowledge...

If there was one thing I learnt today, "less is more". Thank you again!

Don & gang, thanks for your effort in organizing this and rounding up the crowd...

It was good seeing all of you, the few M & Z boys too!

My apologies for not staying longer as I had prior engagement...

Till the next TT, drive safe and for those celebrating Xmas, have a very merry Xmas with your family and loved ones. To the rest, happy holidays...

Thanks to all those who attended for a whalloping good time where we all learned a lot from KC with the assistance of Liew... the weather was tempremental but with the enthusiasm shown and received, it went through nevertheless.... and thanks for using my car...hahahaa...looks good! Those who attended were:
Some of our friend even got - started to do their car because of this TT

Special thanks to KC & Liew for sharing their passion and knowledge and also to Don for organizing this. It could be better if it's not becoz of the weather.
Nice meeting you guys
oh ya.. Thanks Jarance for the clips
I'm all ready to put lesson into action! Going to Optimize my baby this friday

haha.. dont know how to use makita yet la.. takut nanti glossy layer bocor. Hope can have another session with KC again on paint correction. many thanks in advance.. hehe

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