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Concours d'Elegance

A Competition for teams masters class cars and club displays based on originality and preparation plus shine of well details. thats the birth place of car detailing

nice classic ride but...closer look again...the paint is oxidized..and nothing much to show in d'Elegance

French meaning a competition of elegance, lit. "concourse of excellence", referring to the gathering of prestigious cars...

dates back to 17th Century French aristocracy, who paraded horse-drawn carriages in the parks of Paris during Summer weekends and holidays.Over time, carriages became horseless and the gatherings became a competition among automobile owners to be judged on the appearance of their automobiles.

but our Malaysian mentality is such, if you happen to patronized used cars, the dealer "boss new car paint, no worries cos new paint ma....saves you alot of $$$'???? really

what happen to the old....repainted cars usually does have alots of issue

such as :- if happend to patronised road side car wash..fequently

oppss!!!! hmmm does this qualify here!!!!
Commonly are held at automobile shows or after racing competitions, eg like pebble beach and Louis Vuitton Classic in midtown Manhattan

not too bad looking far away

but, under proper sunlight...ta da....swirls & paint oxidixed...

just like the classic above

proper close up

at the back boot as well

more visible swirls

front side arch - dullness & worn out paint

even worn think this is a tree more like a car - eco-lised looks

sign of paint failure -

2 reason here - chances are this is a repainted car.....and done improperly - basically the prep work before the paint is not properly prepare - putty, primer is so bad that cause the paint to deteriorate before its time - the factory painted is done immaculately & suppose to last a life time but...sad to say.... most repaint work last only a very short life spent

2ndly ....a regular road side car wash patronizer....harsh cleaning - use of strong detergent that contains alot of chemicals that is harmful to our paint coat

But as for this - is a poor paint job

Last sat, we just had An intensive crash Mastering Rotary course (advance level paint correction detailing class) some participants even came as far as ipoh who left at 4.30 am, another from seremban & 5 mores

Ladies & gentleman -
Lesson commerce
lets begins - Paint test (divide into 2 parts - surface above contaminations - where lots of noobs bumps - coarse surface & paint below - thats requires rotaries

lets get yr hands dirty & clay off paint surface contaminations

you aint heavy ...you're my bro..u clay & i will clean

Arsenal for the war, Confucius once says "knowing one self & knowing yr enemy you can win the war".....

paint surface beneath issue
oxidized paint

is this consider my enemy?

more oxidized paint

AREA 51 !!!! Test pad set' to know & try out the least aggressive ways 1st

1st 50/50% area review

wow wow - done with Opt Hyper spray Polish & LC CCS white pad

although oxidation remove but deeper swirls & scratches is still visible

2nd area - done by Optimum hyper Compound with LC CCS Cutting

better that 1st - but - pigmentation of the paint & coarseness

3rd area
corrected by optimum spray compound with LC double sided wool

well it look like we have solve the above 2 issue!!!

but all of them just realized that ...that ....that...as everyone is asking did we burn the paint???

wow..look at the attentiveness of the students,nothing distract them

you know what they are looking at - at close range this before area -

far far away

hands on , mastering the rotary begins...each of the rotarian is given one section of the car to work

Lesson for the day
* This is a special class dedicating to Rotaries owners, as to enhance , equips & train them to handle the Rotary correctly - handling / placing of the extension cords, spreading the products, choosing flats pads for each job, standing positioning as this is not a toy, grip & tone reflects the strokes, pads cleaning & drying,

machines handling
1) trigger-controlled 2)speed limit 3) warm up & cool down exercise

all of us is given a quick tips!!! making our Rotary Buffer the Makita to be as Idiot-proof as a ROB & DA!

Finally Practice Practice Practice makes it prefect

1. wash - ONR no rinse + 3 MF
2. Clay - With ONR as Lubrications
3. Paint correction -
Wool pad with Optimum Hyper spray Compound (speed 1 to spread Speed 3 to work)
Step down to refine with CCS Cutting pad with Optimum Hyper spray Compound (speed 1 to spread Speed 3 to work)
another step down to LC CCS White with - Optimum Hyper spray polish (speed 1 to spread Speed 2 to work back down to speed 1 slower motion)
Finally Finishing with LC CCS purple with Optimum Hyper spray polish
*Quick ONR wash in between all process, to remove the compound or polish residue

4. OPTI SEAL - sealing on all windows, Body & paint
5. Protectant - applying wax in the right way - eg . effortless OC wax

6. interior clean by Optimum Power clean - Dilution 1:5 parts water & agitate with soft bristle brushes + protect with Optimum Leather protection



a side reflection

before pic -

another before

a 50/50%

a 50/50%

ta da

how they turn this coal

turning turning into sparkling diamonds

ta da

the saviour of the day

side mirror plastic oxidized

ta da

a new purple pad from meguiars????


looks like we have just scrap off at least 10 pounds of paints - if you are doing a clear coated paint & you have transference - congrats you have burnt the clear coat
but this is asingle coated paint & usually get oxidised - in 6-9 months, if this is not care & wax

The most hard core of the day
MR M who chooses to take all challenge

including this, oxidized & pigmentation on the paint


ta da



congrats for Mr M dterminations - he is great "He is just like another deaf frog, I told him to stop & he didnt listen but turn out to be successfully yours"

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++
moving on to the interior - interior detailing lesson

a 50/50% -only wth yours truly - OPC - AKA Opt Power clean - all possible cleaners (all for one & 1 for all)

ta da

concours d'elegant now

for once


and the 50/50%

a few shots before the rubber hit the road again



the concours d'elegant

the class of the day -

the 5th Rotarian left earlier

just about when we called it a day (as everyone is worn off & so dehydrated ) then came POLLY...having lost of wax residue stains - black darkish from a kind of sealant wax perhaps & asking for help

we turn it around in 30 minutes, ONR , OPC paint clean, opti sealed & OC wax
ta da a 50/50% by ONR

there is only 6 in Malaysia...hand crafted

the VIP of the day

puff KC

the amount of drinks for 4 person

the very next day


look at the water beading surface tensions

a new coat of protecting is on

close up OCW wax

the side


reflections shots

close up shots

imagine that there were 7 of us who detail this car &
we took 5 hours X 7 = 35 man hours!!

the roof

I will be giving the owner a bottle of ONR & stay out of car wash - or else
ta da clear coat failure -

finally the concours d'elegant

thanks guys for making this lesson a meaningful & fruitful ones

thanks for taking time off to view yet another detailing adventures

stay tune

Next detail