August 29, 2009

Proton Wira waxed & transformed

Another Timely Rescue for this ride

This Proton is about 8 years old & the last time that the owner had it waxed & details was years ago. Thank goodness, the clear coat is still around but there is also lots of scratches all over the car. I gotten my 1st megs Solo sys for this occasion.

Once i pick up my Solo set, i sped home to clean, prep, polish & wax her with Solo M86

Timely Rescue for this 1 year old ride

2 bucket wash
Eagle one vinyl protector on Tyres
Claying with Aggressive clay & Last touch (m155)

Solo sys + Burgundy wool pad + polishing pad
+ M86

NXT 2.0

when i highlighted this scratches to her, she say its a good place to hold boxes while reaching out for keys

heart paint

plenty more marks, but i accidentally deleted

Meg's CAR CARe (you're the Best)

C- Caring
A- Always
R- Reach
E- extra miles

i love the reflection

Thank for taking time for viewing ya

feed back & comment always welcome

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