August 24, 2009

Honda crv waxing

Wet Sanding & Detailing Honda CRV
This was referred to after i detailed last month, the owner likes the feel of his friend Honda stream (9 years old ride) the smoothness, glides & glaze that he is even contemplating in trading this for his friend stream..but.........something took place

Morning Pics, prior detailing

Morning Pics, prior detailing

Morning Pics, prior detailing

Make steps, from empty bottle crates

initial check , Dull n unattractive paint this is a 10 years old ride


2 Bucket washing-

APC on all wheels & Interior trim, below door

Meguairs gold class interior

Aggresive clayed used with Last touch

M 105 with double sided wool

M 105 with CCS yellow foam pad

M 80 with ccs white foam pad

D151 on all plastic area, eg bumper, spare wheel cover & side mirror

NXT 2.0

M135/UQD as final touch &

Interior & inside door panels before

Before & after Details

Before & after Details

Before & after Details

Carpet before details

Pics after details forgotten to shoot...oppss sorry

Before & during wheels cleaning

After detailed

See Before & After of Paint renovations works

pls click to view & take a closer look, as transformations taking place

look at the depth & colour coming alive after M105 is used by 3 passes on the wool

WOW was the owner 1st reactions

This Ride has tremendous scratches, as 3 of his children cycles in his porch & making it worse when it is wash by old rug, if there is a stubborn stain scotch bright scrub is also used.
the owner told me, that when he 1st got this ride back home, his older son, took a pen drawn a round of the car body....

pictures of abuse (if i can say that way)

initially i was wistheling away, afer discovering so much scarcthes, i nearly faint. Planning for a 4 hour work, ended 7 hours......

Before & After(initial scatches when they 1st got the car - 4yrs ago)

Before & after

Before & after

Before & after

Before & after

Wet sanding begins

pics after 7 hours detailing

Interior detailing - Gold class Interior shines

P/s the owner straight away asking me to help him to get a bottle of Supreme shine

Driving a new car without paying installment

Testing time ( i specifically asking the owner to drive the car out to spot swirls)

now since he got a new ride, he decided not to buy the Honda Stream

Thanks for viewing, pls feel free to comment, as I am just a weekend enthusiast who passionately transforming junk to Jewels

p/s i had one of my most challenging work, very tired, back still aching (as i am a solo)
thinking of my 2 beautiful girls most of the time while detailing , missing them eversince i started detailing during weekend. Makes me appreciating life.

happy detailing :-)

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