August 28, 2009

wax persona proton

Timely Rescue for this 1 year old ride

2 bucket wash
Eagle one vinyl protector on Tyres
Claying with Aggressive clay & Last touch (m155)

Megs Step 1 - Paint cleaner

Megs Step 2- Polisher

NXT 2.0

this is interesting, because, consumer range product used for detailing this ride :-

Meg's CAR CARe (you're the Best)

C- Caring
A- Always
R- Reach
E- extra miles

paint above contamination pick up along the way

Wheels before cleaning

Wheels cleaned

Finger nails mark (obviously is left by the owner mrs )
Driver Side Door jam nails mark

after detailed

Stubborn stain on the paint work

Stubborn stain removed by Step 1 (paint cleaner)

Some shoe sole marks

tatatatatatatatata (anthem)
for a detailed ride

Look at the colour

look at the reflection

beautifully yours

Nice reflections

I like this

look like a brand new paint

Thanks Barry & the team who is working hard to develop such a good product

Feed back & comment are always welcome

Thanks for viewing

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