September 1, 2009

Honda City Detailed

Honda City Detailed
I had being waiting to detail this Honda city (about 5 years ride) to test out with PRC D151, this is a daily driven & parked along a busy road. resulting lots of minor scratches here there & every where.
although this is a cool lovely Sunday morning

Hot cup of Good Cuppa of coffee to kick start my day

2 Bucket wash

Clay with aggressive clay & Last touch

PRC D151 (champion of the day)

NXT 2.0

Wipe down UQD
Gold class interior

this is one of the most soiled clay pick.....

i had to sacrifice my clay for this ride

Deep knocked & black scratches

corrected results

Dead Dull Non reflective paint

After it is correct by D151

2nd passes with D 151

and test area


Before (Dead) paint & after paint correction (Resurrection took place)

before & after

deep finger nails mark @ door jam & after correction

deep finger nails mark @ door jam & after correction

Dull front engine bonnet & after paint correction

Dull back bonnet & after paint correction

Dull non-reflective top & after correction

deep starches & after paint correction

Extremely deep scratches & after paint correction

before wheel detail & after

Now u see & u dont

plenty of scratches & lines
after paint correction

Head lamp smearing

50/50 head lamp correction & corrected

Before & after Gold class interior detailed

Cheers to D 151 again

Once again
thanks for taking time to view

As much as a enjoy writing up & i enjoy every bit of the challenge encounter (with every heart ache = dont know what to do & after doing = muscle ache) & overcome by Megs product

Thanks to Barry & the team again

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