August 27, 2009

Ultimate quick Details vs Polishing oils

Great war begun
M 80 Vs D151

After reading Tim write out on D151, i cannot resist, but acquiring a gal of it.
Almost instantly the next day, i use it on detailing Our church Van...
it almost done all job (as this is a AIO)
Thanks to tim

it was about 11 pm yesterday, i hurried to finish some of my house chores prior doing my experiment

bring everything out to my front porch...lights, extension, Makita.....foam pads ..M80 & D151

light swirls only see under lighting

a closer pic, swirls & minor hologram present

50/50 side preparing for war

M80 will be on this left side

getting ready for D151 (test area)


after D 151 applied

D151 at work

this side is done with M80

this side is done with D151

choose which side u prefer

as you can see the D151 has lesser hologram compare to M80

D151 side

M80 side

Can u distinguish, the depth of one side vs another

amother D 151 side

Conclusion, the M80 is good, some swirls & hologram removed(some patches of cloudiness) existed but comparing to D151 side, it has the colour depth, lesser Swirls & hologram

probably i use more pressure on D151 side, as it is AIO, contain Aluminum Oxide, Polish oil & wax. Should have done with a few more passes (it is already 11pm, i tried not to wake any of my neighbours up)

D 151 definitely is my choice (as M205 is not available yet in Malaysia) a quick, reliable & effective details,,,

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