August 27, 2009

Civic Vtec polishing

Civic, Perfecting the Honda
this is a 3 years ride, waxed twice through out her life time, when it came to me, the paint was quite dirty, plenty of water marks & some deep scratches & swirls

2 bucket wash

APC for rims, door trims & engine

Eagle one vinyl protector on engine

Autoglym interior for interior detailed

Autoglym carpet cleaner for seat & arm rest

Claying with Aggressive clay & Last touch (m155)

M 86 with Solo burgundy wool Pad (KBM)

M 86 with Flexi Orange pad

NXT 2.0

UQD as last touch (m135)

water marks accumulated

deep scratches probably by man best friend

scratches remove & corrected


after engine was & detailed

wow......was his reaction

SOLO's sys works for this civic

thanks for has been a great pleasure to do it with Solo

feed back & comment are always welcome


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