August 20, 2009

Myvi waxing

myvi waxing & detailing
Shinning the silver babe

This is a young energized, car crazee owner
who never fails wipe his ride, almost everyday...resulting a lots of minors swirls
who loves his ride more than anything or person...

stand by side for 4 & 1/2 hours looking while i detailed

P/S i had to sped off from another place after a have finish the Mirror shine Toyota innova, SUV, back home, as i was behind schedule for 2 hours, haven't eaten my lunch & nearly met in an accident

Cleaning Process:

Wash with Two Bucket Method & claying the whole car

wheel & wheel arch with APC

Another 1 hours Claying,(aggressive clay) * this ride has not been polish at all

Mequiar's Gold class Tar remover ....

Did a test area with M105 & double sided wool pad & yellow ccs foam pad

& D151 with CCS white foam pad

NXT 2.0 & finish off with Ultimate quik detailer

A close up pic , to view swirls


finish show

side view, grayish on your left, not silver like the right

another side view

some defect

removed by M 105 wool pad

View of some defect

removed by M 105 wool pad

some scratches

removed by M 105 wool pad

amazing silver now

Supreme Shine Protectant

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