July 7, 2010

Father's day - most extreme professional car detailing & makeover Merz Eclass by KC

"believe it or not - ripley's" - KC detailing adventure tales

the heat of the day...sun .... nearly gave me a stroke & a sun burn too

This car was pronounce beyond repair or detail & was doomed for respraying work...instead of restoration work

2 months ago, a forum friend of mine, has been asking me to help him to detail his dad newly purchase merz...as a surprise gift for his father. Wow...i can imagine....how happy i would be...

to all our dad... you are our hero .....thanks for sticking close to us, thick & thin .....bring us out to this world & grooming us, Sorry for some heart aching moments...& we are never a better dad without yr fine examples....your love....your sacrifices...worth all that we live for...

to all dad....wishing you a happy & blessed father's....may God bless all & propers you with long live....as we still want us in a spin on our drive or yours...hehehe

this is a 16 years E class master piece....


i wonder how can one just live to scratched & drive the car at the same time

this is the most most most

most horrific paint damaged i ever seen in my life...more compact than any Compact disc

as water cover 70 % of the earth more swrils scratched & RIDs covered this ride
"believe it or not - ripley's"

its unbelieving right..look at the hood

the hexagon effect is the latest hype in decoration paint....better than mat or vinyl CF??

the hexagon effect was created / damaged by the carpet which the owner left on ther bonnet to dry at hot sunny day

"believe it or not - ripley's"...the new owner was told that this is the original paint....Hmmmmmmm...maybe the blind cant see...but they can feel with their finger tips

"believe it or not - ripley's"...the seller actually claim this is original paint???

u dont need to see just feel it with your finger tips ...as the tape mark ..prior painting...

"believe it or not - ripley's"
you either dont believe how can one treat his ride to???& another person would loves what is abandon & seeing her restored

more scratches

dogs scratches

human scratches

"believe it or not - ripley's"...

more & more scratches ...if ever that there is an award for most scratch ..this will certainly win..i double nominate her

more & more
"believe it or not - ripley's"

my intervention plan is to keep this ride being taken away....
another rescue mission

Black Hawk Down! Black Hawk Down! Black Hawk Down!!!!

Menu for the day:-

ONR no rinse wash with 3 microfibres cloths

Clay with aggresive clay - ONR no rinse as lube (2 ounces of ONR diluting with 500ml water)rr

ONR wash again again

Correction work......

whole car - Optimum Compound & wool x 2pases & more follow with LC CCS cutting pad x 1 passes

back hood even more with Finishing 2 3/4 inch Backing plate & 3" polishing & finishing pad with Optimum compound & polish & finishing polish

for front hood - Megs M 105 with multiple wool passes & cutting PAD with LC ccs & Megs 205 LC polishing pad - Optimum polishing & lc ccs polishing & Optimum finishing polish with glazing pads

Optimum polish with CCS LC polishing pad

Finishing - optimum finishing with LC CCS, RED & Blue pad - glazing pads (stepping in a finer finishing)

Optisealed - optimum opti seal (whole car - including all rubber , vinyl & windows)

Wax - Optimum car wax

Meguairs UQD on all windows

pls HUNT & look out for the numbers of pads i use of

lesson begin

teaching the owner how to clay....lesson begin

this is what we picked up

remember the hexagon patent paint on the rear hood

after 2 passes of compounding...megs M 105 & Wool pad

look at the 50/50 comparrision before & after...

Picture before correction

detailing tuition begins

look at the pads & the right combinations of products & pads make the corrections prefect

day light pic of the hood after correction...like about 8 passes altogether???

before pics

after correction pic

another before

a 50/50 comparrision picture

a 50/50 comparrision picture

a 50/50 comparrision picture

another 50/50 comparision picture on both door...find one you like & another u dont

another 50/50 comparision picture on both door...find one you like & another u dont

front left fender
pics before...do u see the serpent

after corrected by optimum compound & wool

polish by optimum polish

front engine hood pics

before..doomed & the owner decided to be repainted

a 50/50 comparrision pics

see closely...let me know what you just observed?

bigger pics

look at the 50/50%


remember before


another hand on session....finishing polishing on a super super fine finish pad polishing by the owner himself

ta da

finish pics

another hand on polishing by his friend

after pics

pics before




do u remember this pics?

look outside of the box


do u necessarily to get it repainted inorder to get this?

how about this

the bigger pics



once again this post is specially dedicated to all our HERO out there

all you DAD & thanks for making it great for your children


this pics was taken by he owner himself & showing you how i work...

thanks for viewing again

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