July 7, 2010

Never take any thing for granted

Never take any thing for granted
Dear All

I thank God for His mercies, otherwise i may have lost my limb

last sat was crazy sat where we did a detailling workshop in the morning till 3 pm

& had another call from a friend who just got his E 90 & wanted me to detail interior..specially on the leather

I ask Seech to tag along & we started from 5 till late 10 pm

half way thru compounding....i was getting tired & in a split second...some how i was caught off guard...the foam pad & spindle caught my left sleeves & rolling up my sleeves & it got tangled up with my sleeves all the way... ...Thank God it is only at speed one & i tried to pull it off & away
but vanity failed...Seech got a greater shock where he see me in a distant...struggles to pull off & that few second..everything just went head wire... Suddenly somehow there was a Divine intervention..the machine some how stop...................I quickly took of my shirt & my arm was burn by that impact.....wash my wound & round up my compounding....

3 day later pics

pls be careful & i learn one valuble hard lesson

there is always a limit to everything

if u r too tired...called it off & have a break

no body would blame u being slow

I owe my grateful thanks to seech for completing the car & got him worried

I owe my grateful thanks to seech for completing the car & got him worried
Better be safet than sorry


  1. it's bad hear this. Hope ur recover very soon


  2. thanks Kenny
    recovering fast


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