July 7, 2010

How to protect your ultimate asset - a complete paint protection study by KC

How do you gauge a person is car crazy or not?
1. Spend his time looking at his ride more than anyone else

2. Clean her more than any other chores at home

3. Willingly spend his fortune on lavished her, time & effort worth everything

4. Called his ride by name

I share something of my passion to many & of which this one particularly captivated my heart & soul of detailing

remember this familiar ride.... 21 years of oxidized paint that was doomed for repainting even professional body shop says is beyond detailing correction

my 1st attempts (12 months ago)
pic after after 1st correctional detail

this is why i called her 2face


some may prefer this look

Nissan 2face, that what I called her….i may not have the luxury looking ride or paint but it has been always my passion to detail & to maintained what I have restores.

My paint on one side of the car is 21 years old of age & another restores last year & regularly maintained by bi monthly waxes & 6 months polish, as it is a non clear coated car (AKA single stage paint). Constantly facing the aging issue

A good classic examples…would be…our house gates & grills….as it need to be painted yearly, otherwise the paint become dulls & oxidized

The solution…a double stage paint was created to protect this aging process….clear coat paint……I may not have the luxury again to repaint my car…..but fortunate to have a special coating flown in special from US manufacture….AKA Alien coating

This is my thesis done….studying on my car

Paint defect correction…etched marked caused by prolong neglected birds dropping

spot wet sanded for testing

paint etched by this acidic droppings threat & wet sanded to level up & compound off

Ta da

wet sanded the rest of the 50% of my entire car

Wet sanded the affected area to bring out the defect, 1500 grits sand paper used, followed by 2000 grits sand paper

"Wet sanding" refers to sanding with specially designed sandpaper wrapped around a skinny sponge with water running on the sanding area to clean away paint/primer from the area you are sanding.

"Block sanding" means putting a hard flat structure behind sand paper... use paint paddlesticks or small blocks of wood.

sanding mark removed by compound & I choose M 105 for it aggressiveness & nos 12 cut in precision cutting scale

a prefect 50/50 % comparison picture…to show the 21 years old paint which was oxidized & another side that was corrected

pics before wet sanded

after wet sanded down by 1500 grit sand paper & followed by 2000 grit sand paper

perfectly & evenly sanded down……

The sanding mark was removed by Megs # 105 with S/side wool pad , followed by Lake country Cutting pad with M# 105 & Polish by Megs 80 with Lake country Polishing pad

Another 50/50 comparison pic after sanding mark removed

there is some visible deep scratches is too deep to be removed…..as this car was terribly
neglected for 21 years & paint was just left there to be oxidized. There are countless area where deep scratches inflicted by scotch bright dishes scrub, some are more severe as it seems, it has been brushes over metal bristle brushes

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++
4 months later

Intervention plan…to maintained this Single coated paint, with minimal effort

ONR No rinse Wash prior Claying (aggressive clay) & lube with ONR

To removed paint imperfection before coating my single stage paint

M#105 with Wool by rotary

Followed by M# 105 with Lake country CCS

Optimum Polish with LC polishing pad
After pics


prefect stage

Apparently, this coating was design to with stand all harshness of weather & environmental threat. Counted my blessing to be able to attained this & having this extra ordinary water beaded results

Pay attention to the blue tape mark area

tape prior coating, it is an area that I coat without any corrections

Pics after coated applied

look at the 21 years old & oxidized paint

300 watt Halogen lamp is no feat even in penetrating thru ….dead paint…dull & matt

admiring the gloss at the corrected coated side ( on the engine bonnet area only)

tada pics

the car was left to cure for 48 hours….while we went for an outting

3 days later some sun light pics

some beading pics after some sunny drops

the next day …….midst

the roof part, Optimum ONR effect, water beading

a week later

prefect water beading pics…that I personally have not seen in my entire life…..look at the semi circle shaped water that’s beads up because of the surface tensioned

8 days later

Another morning midst & after over night rain pics

2 months later…another prefect moments again…rain drop on 2face

the protected side has better water beading & the neglected side water splattered…horizontally

another unbelieving water beading picture, that I never seen on any single stage paint

look at the clarity of the paint , remains even after 60 days

67 days later
extremely close up pics

look at the prefect 50/50pics

alien eggs???

extreme close up pics

extreme close up pics

extreme close up pics

this is the actual mail i received from a international detailing supplier cheif technician

Hi kc,

After i looked the picture yes this is very bad oxidation and powdery aslo on roof top have few area getting Corrosion. i assume that this is not original paint,this is a single stage paint and also not a Clear coat paint so we can not call this is Clear Coat Failure.
the paint is 30-40 years back - Paint Technology ( Alkyd Enamel Paint ) not 2k Paint ( Two Components Paint )
Alkyd Enamel Paint - local we call slow dry paint or call Cat Biasa.
the durability of alkyd enamel paint won't lasting as 2k paint,this is it different paint Categories

Comparison between different system chart with attached.

The only honest answer as to how to fix this problem is to re-paint the entire car.

what would have happen if i just believe LUCK (what others says about me) ...& it ran out....

in my conclusion.....there is 2 type of detailer here :-

the 1st type - one who is constantly giving out his personal ideal of detailing (IMHO, IMO. MO) such as beg to defer kinda opinion

the other ...who's ...........SHOW ME YOUR WORK detailer...the only thing they do is explores & have a personal encounters & not just another read some where or pick along the way......who says what kinda experience

My life is never the same since detailing came into me.......as life is just like a box of chocolate ...u never know what it will comes out to be

always expect the unexpected

as all it takes is a little patience & plenty of passion

stay tuned for more....his friend called joker

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