November 4, 2009

FERRARI F335 full correction details

every="" minutes="" my heart="" beats="" faster="" than="" previous=""as we are going to details this "" exotic="" car=""

as early as this we reached our clients place

A a glance on this ride, it look prefect & good but at a closer inspections under the sun, the paint had very severe defects & swirls

here is some of it ,

but under sunlight

swirls from washing

scratches all over the car



very deep cuts (RIDS)

even some Clear coat chipped off


would you allow Ferrari to be abuse like this :-(

What we did,

Cleaning thoroughly, Megs APC 10:1 mixtures many kinds of brushes.. removing alots of waxed residue left by the previous detailers

A multiples of combination products & pads tried on, carefully consider & we decided to give it a good corrections :-

M80 with CCs cutting - nope,

M205 - with ccs cutting - nope,

M 105 -with ccs cutting - slightly better

M 105 LC double sided - good but only corrected with multiplier passes...

as this superlative cars has many component made off, steel, plastic, aluminum *& fibers

the average speed of the drive would be at 250km/Perhour...stone chips

I posted this tool box detailing in another post

the prancing Horse

Some of the wax residue left behind

also gave this horse a good bath

stubborn stains

i love bathing this horse

Wax residue left behind

after clean up

Before After

before After

interior details - apc at work



after interior details

More horses details

beneath this cover, Ferrari fuel cap

looking nice, RM 8k perpiece...closer inspection lots of stains

spending 2 hours on the wheels, check out my previous posting...brake dust caked...



Claying to pick up paint above contamination

after clay

Getting all ready to start correction work, tape off to prevent splattering of compound or polish into interior

As each correction was done carefully, in order not to create more damage to the existing...too much heat with bouch up & kabom in trouble....on the crazy curvy aluminum hood

mama-mia 380 horses below this hood

All Masked

ready for correction work

Pics of a severe paint damaged, probably some rescue work was done but more damaged was also inflicted at the same time








pics after corrected

50/50 testing area set


Pics taken couple months ago at Berjaya Hill climb

after corrected...this is the true red of Ferrari

Before correction

after corrections



a 50 / 50 pics before & after corrections

Pics before corrections

clarity after corrected

Before Head lamp Cover

After Head lamp Cover

Before Left back Quater

After Left back Quater

more Left Door


After Left door

Some after Pics Sunlights Pics

All after Pics

Prodetailing seech applying Optiseal



Remember Beforeafter

this is what the after math......30 microfiber towels ...10 pads

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