November 11, 2009

I did not asked for this

This 2 months is the most craziest & busiest month for me, having to go for church camp, planning for a Major outdoor event for our Church Family day & going away for a break.....

in the midst of all these, some irresponsible driver, gave my ride a little scratch
I was upset (but would be very very upset if I do not know Meguiars) .....i only had 2 hours last weekend to correct my paint, as rushing back from meetings & going out for dinner

some pics to share with you.....quite a long mark on my CC...thanks to M80 who came to rescue

Menu for the day

2 bucket wash -
Megs M80 with CCS cutting /r/speed1-2.5
Megs M80 with CCS polishing /r/speed1-2
Megs 205 by Hand
Megs NXT2.0
Megs UQD

Heart breaking

;-( my sad face

Many years ago when i scratch some paint , i stop & left a note to be contacted & return upon her call to apologies ...but nobody left anything for me

my hearts restores as seeing restored

some pics after

some enlightening pics

my heart feel better after seeing it restored....i guess this is the most comfort thing to see...

thanks to Barry & his mad team of waxtologist scientist

we love you & we love megs

some last pics

the wonders of megs

mama -mia

not too bad for black in equator ...daily oven baked ride

black is always beautiful , when its groomed

thanks guys for viewing again.....looking forward to see more of your post in MOL

feed back & comments are always treasured by me

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