November 3, 2009


Thanks Seech for being so thoughtful ....its has been the most memorable detailings that i have done & enjoyed every minute of it

check out the graphic on this exotic

I spent tclose to 2 hours on wheel alone

Menu for this wheels:-
Megs APC - different dilutions tested
Megs - Gold class Tar Remover
Minuture Dips stick from Japanese stores
Micro fibers
NXT2.0 sealant waxed

some pics to share with you guys (wheel before delicate spa's)

given to any driver, well its clean lets professional like the details that counts
take a closer look...14 years of brake cakes....look at the camera on the nuts

as this rims are frequently washed & tires are dressed...but.....neglected the details of it

we tried numerous product such as APC....different dilutions ...Seech choose carefully, things from least aggressive....Meg's Gold class Tar remover soaked

Megs Tar at work

some pics after

pics after

look at the great detailers at work
carefully, making sure he does not miss any details & not even transferring any dirt into the rides

Interior is superbly details by Seech

thanks Seech for packing my lunch & favourite Tea...making my sweat sweeter....Admiring his dedications & heart of Making things looks better than the way it was before...patiently yours...I truly respect & humbled by his work....thanks buddies for coming along side with me

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