August 20, 2009

Toyota waxing &polishing

2 Dalmatian & 1 Labrador
Mirror Shine still possible

waking up due to attending my daughter cough (malaysia Haze is really bad)
rushing off to details this toyota.

Initially my friend asked me to just wax his Innova SUV, i told him i would love to details not just wax.

started to wash, clean & prep.... it was a huge ride for me (solo) ...washing & scrubbing the carpet & wheel arch

Cleaning Process:

Wash with Two Bucket Method & claying the whole car

wheel & wheel arch with APC

Another 1 hours Claying,(aggressive clay) * this ride has not been polish at all

Mequiar's Gold class Tar remover ....

Did a test area with M105 & double sided wool pad & yellow ccs foam pad

& D151 with CCS white foam pad

NXT 2.0 & finish off with Ultimate quik detailer

i only have some initial detail pics, as i forgot to charge my camera batt
carpet before & after

wheel before & after

close up inspection pics....deep nails mark, possible from the man best friend

More pics, deep nails mark, possible from the man best friend

deep scratches pics

plenty of swirls ( as water cover 70% of the earth) so does this

more swirls

more & more swirls

finger marks near door jam

some domestic effort to eliminate scratches but making it more obvious, over painted on side body scratches marks

before & after pics

before & after pics

i use a M 105 withe the double sided wool & most of this scratches is removed, but cloudly

I had to used M 105 with yellow pad, but depth was not there till i applied D151
it compensate well (as M205 is not available;e yet in malaysia)

I was very pressured, as i have another appointment to detail another ride at 1 pm.
that i have to postponed twice till 3 pm

see the difference

thanks for taking time to view my art

the finishing is great, the whole van is mirror glazing,
the owner got a shock when he return home after 4 hours, as his wife says '' almost all scratches removed'''

he did not expect, as he was just thinking of just waxing job.

That's a real satisfaction....

Sorry, my camera batt run flat, promised to return to take more pics by next week

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