August 17, 2009

How to wax, & elegantly prepare your van for VIP guest

I had an urgent message from church, that the team from Australia is coming to perform thru out the country & need our Air force one Van to transport them around.....

At the same time i have a detail an Alphard.....I nearly crack....

Thank God, my friend decided to do later

Cleaning Process:

Wash with Two Bucket Method

Another 1 hours Claying & Last touch

APC on all wheels & wheel arch & lower door trim, side steps & back upholstery

Mequiar's Gold class Tar remover

As for the interior
APC to clean & Gold class Interior

Rubber trim -
Gold class Interior & Eagle Vinyl Rubber = makes very good combination, as meguiars Gold class dries & the eagles rich & deep, make both oily & yet dry

then did a test area with D151 & M105 & yellow ccs foam pad

did most area with D151 & M105 on wool for the roof scratches by tree branch & car park signage scratches

Interior upholstery, seats with lots of coffee marks & stain , remove by Autoglym carpet cleaner

Finishing with NXT 2.0 & finish off with Ultimate quik detailer

Lower Side door Trim before & after

Lower Side door Trim before & after

Aggressive Clay & Last touch

Pleanty of marks from Tree trunk & signage mark from in door parking scratches

Somebody clear coat on our van Before & after removed (this is remove by D151 & CCS Yellow pad)

Somebody clear coat on our van Before & after removed (this is remove by D151)

Over head indoor car park signage scratches on our van top Before & after removed (this is remove by M105 & single sided wool)

Scratches & marks Before & after removed (this is remove by D151)

a close up look Scratches & marks Before

Sorry Guys too late to get a day light shot, as this is a huge project for me so far

Now she is ready to serve over overseas guest

Lets rock

glowing like new again

isnt she is beautiful

Conclusion D 151 is good for quick detailing & removing minor scratches & polish at the same time, as it is wet & rich with wax, comparing to M105 is it very dusty & lots of clean up work

I will continue to test out more with D151....other surface....

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