August 15, 2009

waxing your car, Mobile service just for persona

Beautiful Red Persona -
I had a back to back weekend last week
as i promise my friends earlier that i will help him details:-

This Young & full of energyowner who never fail to wipe off the dust daily in resulting many scratches & swirls marks & stone chips

daily wipe down by this young driver causes plenty of swirls

Pics before detail - stones chips

Cleaning Process:

Wash with Two Bucket Method & claying the whole car

Another 1 hours Claying,

Mequiar's Gold class Tar remover

then did a test area with M105 & yellow ccs foam pad

& M80 with yellow white

NXT 2.0 & finish off with Ultimate quik detailer

Before & after Clayed

Tape off prior compunding with M105

after 4 hours

ta ta

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