September 2, 2009

Honda CRV Post delivery Rescuing - Cant belive the new car paintr

Honda CRV Post delivery detailing

this Honda CRV was only delivered and the amount of scratches, swirls marks & hologram decorated almost every surface of this ride.

Question : Wonder where does Visa & Master got their inspiration for their hologram from?
This is the 3rd ride of the day that i'm detailing:- (looking like the unleashed monkey from its sis thought i am insane, after my wife told her this is job # 3 for me on sunday)

is this part of the package deal?I wondered
my beloved sis nearly fainted when see was highlighted by me

this is part detailing , to identified paint defect

Real work begin

Menu for the day

Starter - Flush by H20 with 2 bucket wash

Appetizer - mild clay with last touch

Specialty - Interior with Gold class

Main course - M80 with ccs white polishing pad

Music accompanied by Makita with Speed # 1

Desert - NXT 2.0

Drinks - UQD

This is what u got:-

Hu la la

2 bucket kicks in

Prior to detailing , i found some wax residue stain on the rubber trim & hood, i believe it has been waxed to cover up prior delivery

new clay for a new ride

got from the hood

souvenir from the side door

seeing is believing,

This was before



i like the finishing

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