September 2, 2009

Meguairs wax test - Gone in 6 sec

Gone in 6 sec
this 2 face nissan Sunny

this is before the real transformations:-

Considering hard the time effort & the material to be invested into making (Turning JUNK to JEWEL project)
Finally till i got D 151 & stretching it to its LIMIT ( making every opportunity to its potential)

2 bucket sys wash

Clayed with aggresive clay

Ferelca compound with wool & sanding block

D 151 with single sided wool Pad

is groomed & detailed by D 151 (nothing further applied after this D151 PRC)
the real test begins

seeing is believing

1 sec

2 sec

3 sec

4 sec

5 sec

6 sec

Now u see & now u dont

Thanks Meg's for making such a beautiful product

My conclusion
It is good product for quick detailing, correction of paint defects (express)
where detailiers is fighting against time. This is the best Meg's product i ever got.

I have also used it, tested on the followings:-

1. KIA Pergio Van
2. Honda City

2 thumbs up for this excellent PRC

Thanks BArry & the team of Waxtology scientist for making this avail for us

look at the real 2 face

what an admirations

some back bonnet view

water repellant

beautiful reflection

yes Megs does it all

a brand new ride

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