June 11, 2013

Sirroco R Volkswagen Alien Coated by Detailien Hives

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make

The Volkswagen Scirocco R is here, the third R car introduced by Volkswagenx

Another R

Mr S has been doing lots of research on line for protecting his new car!!! so much so he google....US (aka Detailien)...which the only permanent coating

we agreed 2 months ago to detail and coat hi car in JB due to unforeseen circumstances and hectic schedule we are not able to Travel to JB to coat his ride

He decide to drive up 350 KM to our Hives and get he new babe ALIEN coated

upon arrival

dangerous and corrosive on your porous paint aka clear coat

NON other than Birds xxxx!!!!!!!!!! corrosive and etching on your paint

VW has given the Scirocco an R-inspired makeover that includes big alloys and an aggressive bodykit.

residue of earlier detailing

as this is a CBU


how this car is being docked at port prior shipping

slightly more stains

minor rids in spite of corrected

after our correction

Alien coat is permanent coating, nothing can be done once coated, therefore a stringent of PAINT perfection is require prior coating

ta da


far far away

long long time ago

zoom out


after correction

sign of prolong storage and water mark on this new ride....causing danger to drive a night

before glass water mark removal


ta da

no more tears...johnson and johnson baby shampoo

ladies and gentleman presenting to you a brand new ride

ta da

the rear



the brake light coated as well

glossiness restored and now retain under alien coat


plastic is being PROTECTED by ALien COat, permanently protected preparing for years to come

the spoiler

the rims too is protected as Alien coat resist up to 200 degress

OPTI LENSE protected

plastic parts is not risk and spare not.... also alien coated

CHROME parts

ta da

ta da

ta da

plastic is alien coated

time to say bye bye again

bon Voyage

this post specially dedicated to MR S for your enthusiasm and passionate owner
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If you were taught rinseless washing first you'd be asking questions like: why are you wasting so much water, and how do you get around the whole car quickly without waterspots.

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