This is a roaring super rare exotic ....on our streets.......we are very blessed again to be able to detail and alien coat this rare monster

What was Ducati thinking??? Ducati is known for their superbikes, right? Well that is what attracted me to this so-called cruiser..........very dear ones indeed

what on earth a two wheeler coming close to a F30 (320) price tag

must be either mad or super crazy for bikes

my buddy who had the soft tail fatboy, ktm NOW ........ANOTHER MONSTER ON THE HIGhWAY

The Diavel project was born when Ducati designers applied their wish-list of bike “basic instincts” to a blank canvas. With a “what if?” approach to creating a dream bike, they sketched inspiring shapes which became a lower and longer motorcycle. “The challenge of building a muscular silhouette over a pure-bred competition motor had to be met with determination and a delicate touch, and the result is a frontal area that looks like a power athlete on the starting blocks,” explains the team at Ducati Design responsible for the project.

“With the front wheel kept close to the Diavel’s body and using the short tail of a sport bike, 

blending this muscular design with a chassis that matched.”

Weighing just 463 lb (210kg), featuring a powerful sophisticated design and offering a massive 162 hp that is managed to perfection via the three Riding Modes, the Diavel is an utterly spellbinding bike that only Ducati could have come up with.

Captivating, muscular and innovative beauty. Seductively agile and manoeuvrable. An irresistible 162 hp adrenaline rush that's always under your control with three riding modes and the Ducati Riding Safety Pack (ABS + Ducati Traction Control). You'll steal every look even when you disappear in an instant. This is the magic of Diavel.

far u see

and dont be fooled away

another master piece

usual suspect??????

just couple of weeks old after many trips

dirt acculmalated

carbon fiber is not spared

look at the soft plastic swirls 

inevitable and avoidable from regular routine washing


ta da

is there such thing call prefect from factory? imagine the journey it takes from the factory in italy and its journey here many thousand miles....many hands ....can comes without fault or single scratches



master SEECH at worke

new delivered fault free

read more here

more paint correction

ta da....paint transference require an protective layer of coat

The coating will bond permanently to the surface of the paint and form a harder more scratch resistant barrier which is also more hydrophobic and has better water beading properties than the original paint. It is not indestructible and will not resist all scratches but is harder than the factory paint and is less likely to be scratched and swirled. As for water marks, they will occur depending on the environmental conditions of where the car is driven and parked whether it is coated or not. However, due to the extreme hydrophobic nature of the coating, the water beading is much stronger and could lead to watermarks rain water is left to dry in the hot sun but if there is a need to remove watermarks, only the coating will be affected and not the original paint. Think of it as protective insurance for your paint...

A big part of the work is to ensure that the surface of the paint is properly corrected before the coating is applied. If there is no difference between the before and after, that would likely mean that the surface was not properly prepared before the coating is applied. We would definitely correct the paint as much as possible before coating it and it is best if this is carried out on a new car as there is less damage to the paint and less time is required to carry out the paint correction.

Something like this...

carbon tail

ta da

applying the coating

the front

the head lights is protected

ta da

a colour that reminds u where it is make.......wild horse

the rear

the LEDs coated

lower cooling duct coated

twin brembo callipers protected and alien coat able to with stand 200 degrees celcius

brake fuild tank coated for permanent protection 

side grill and carbon body kit protected by alien coat


rams horn exhausted too is protected by alien coat

support arch alien coated


we have been advice and inform by OPTIMUM USA to strictly follows this process:-

Firstly Prepare paint by cleaning, claying, and polishing to remove any paint defects. Once Alien-Coat has cured you will not be able to polish any defects that remain unless you remove the Alien Coat 

Secondly Allow to cure for 12 hours with out exposure to the elements. Alien Coat requires 12 hours to completely cure. Do not allow water to touch the surface during that time.

So do you think that this is more like a cruiser or more like a sport bike?? Coming from both worlds, the Ducati Diavel is 100% superbike bred. It may have a slight low center of gravity feel and have that deep throaty powerful sound, but it will scare the sh*t out of you if you aren’t careful. You have to respect its power 100% of the time, just like a superbike.

coming up next another rare indeed piece


the only in the world

so rare

sprocket or decor

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coming soon

how do you protect your collectibles.........