About close to 5 months ago
I detail a brand new Ford Mondeo, the amount of work was horrendous as it is CBU...more over a black ...Thank God for SevenDust

the torturer it went thru prior delivered to the customer

took couples of hundred pics but unfortunately my SD card lost while rushing out one morning......sadly and missing....sigh

one day while i was browsing thru my smaller camera & found this and only pic my daughter took

Thank God

4 months later my buddy brought another bimmer asking us to coat

i will let the pic speaks

simply amazing

cant believe


all the pic is taken before 2 weeks wash 
& More pics

ta da after wash

one man food another man's poison

moving to clean & care for the OPTI COAT-ed rims



close up




with just ONR wipe down bi-monthly

simply easy effortless & effective care

after ONR WASH 

simply amazing how car care can be after coating & OPTI COAT Living up its name to protect the paint

after Onr wash

unfortunately the left side of the car was scrapped between the parking wall & got it repainted
this is the whacked up part

Buffing trails from the newly painted side

more defect given by the painter


as for non repainted side

still going strong


non repainted side

repainted side

no repainted side

another scratch by cikgu aka "teach u a lesson guru" 

we leveled the paint and re-coated with OC again

what u see is not what it is

the real

ma ma mia

ta da

Now the real thing

tested by fire

thank you for viewing yet another detailing trails

ta da

OPTI COAT IS THE Far best protection any owner can gives to their car

simply effortless & easy to maintain.. in spite of our high tempreture 36++ degree celcius, most rainy part of the world & not forgetting ACID rain