April 26, 2012

Up and coming car detailing clinic by Malaysia detailing guru

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Hi KC,

My name is D, and i am from Kajang.
Saw your work , obviously that's how i am here now messaging you.

I see you have not only done an awesome job in restoring cars, but also helped others embark on a journey when all seem to be bleak (the one that comes to mind is the guy from Mauritius, ZC) as well as those of your students.

Would like to know, if you have a course for ppl like me who are interested, if yes, can i have the details? I am keen to see if i can make this a career, i am into cars, but not detailing until recently when i am getting frustrated with all those road - side jobs. 

Started reading and stumbled upon your thread; obviously its a long way to go, need to beef up my knowledge by reading and all, but would really love to start somewhere;i will find time if its possible.

Your kind reply is highly appreciated.

hi mr kc

every day iam keep on reading ur detailers work on zth which iam so impress n lead me to send u this pm..congrates bro...most of road side carwash couldnt resolve the probs and sometimes make it worst.apparently i've faced before..even when we send our car to the place so called SPA..eventually same results as road side car wash...and its aint cheap some more...


hi bro, i wish to learn how to do car detailing for my own rise. mind to teach me as i'm really impress with your works.


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