My buddy has been contacting me prior receiving his new CBU twin turbo

it must be another UDM

Ladies and gentleman...presenting you ....

it has been a long time since i last post....although I down but not out, have been doing a numerous opti coating here there (just last week did 4 ride) & every where but struggle to even find time to rest

upon arrival

time for Sherlock Holmes

another familiar sight - lotions looking stains

more attention

after some TLC


after some TLC

missed out detail - Anti rust (even on a newly delivered car)

this is how it will looks like on the lighter colour

the same anti rust that was on this mini was on the bimmer...and if u have personal encounter... u would know it is hard to get it removed & by the time u wash it..paint will be falling apart

permanent stains...

ta da

show u how

sprayed on alien clean
& agitate with brushes

ta da

is this a chip

after a good good wash by optimum car wash shampoo & Alien clean to clean the exterior paint -
surface decontamination begun can it be on a new ride....mind u it took months to get this ride to shipped from Germany & going thru & parked a long time to get thru many process to be delivered to the new owner

unattractive dirt on these beautiful sets of rim

After OPTI COATED by Detailien


after opti coated

ta da

required some TLC, esp...well trapped area like these

after Opti clean

spray on wipe & walk away


after opti clean

after paint correction

cross check

beautiful paint definitions & reflection - only the original factory baked gives this lasting for years to come

ultimately now my buddy is going to let me permanently coat it with opti coat

the lid

the light

the truth

presenting to u

the 1st opti coated F30

pls have some fun

more to rides to come