April 20, 2012

My beloved Ah Mah last journey

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

thanks for your many cares & concern for those who happen to called up to me,

deeply appreciate yr kindness & cares

I have stopped almost all internet activities since 8 Mar , upon finding my uncle unconscious.

Tribute to out emergency 991 respond & ambulance that came timely to saved him..... while he at HUKM, he was diagnosed to struggles with many complications...of a mild strokes + Pneumonia + cellulitis (bacteria skin infection) = complications of heart & breathing

our beloved Ah Mah (grandma) went back to the Lord on the 11th mar

we had to rush back for our last respect & wake service

it was her wish to have a give a great feast for all whom came to pay their respect (this was her desire & she mean it)

daily feast

2nd night service

3rd night service

followed by supper

also daily refurbish pau (steam bun )

4th day dinner

5th day lunch

...all our beloved aunty invite ....the band

last day crowd - 300 ++ people

even invited many recipient to come (as it was her wish to blessed them)

beautiful gate

the 2nd band

3rd band

the senior band

Last Journey begun

march begun

senior team

followed by


the whole township traffic was with held for more than 45 mins

and upon returning on sat...

My Beloved Uncle whom i admitted return to the our Creator

Thank You for keeping your promised ( while i was away 2 nights) my uncle went concious & in coma. and when I prayed for him, He responded by lifting his leg & confirm his decision.

Many thanks for all who came for my Ah Mah wake service

Many thanks to HUKM nurse & Doctor who administer to my uncle, My grateful thanks owing to you to your dedication & love towards him.

Thank you God

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