February 28, 2011

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Mazda 323: Zero2Hero not complete yet...

Since Yesterday, Saturday 26th Feb, after KC's "mastering ur rotor for rotarian clinic", i decided to give all the knowledge and skills i learnt from him and did a free detailing to my best friend since primary school. His dad had a Mazda 323 5 door hatch which is kindof rare as normaly we only see 3 door hatch.

This baby had been abused, left under blazing hot sun, allowed to rust and oxidize KAW KAW!, The owner (my friends dad) did not care much for the car, when scratched he just buys a spray paint with the same colour code and just spray it on, never bother about bird *dung* tat splats on the car basically the car is only maintained when needed and only when needed. AKA only engine oils, transmission oil etc, nothing done to the exterior.
and so..
Today my prescription for this sick baby was..
1. ONR No rise
2. Meguiar Detailing Clay
3. OPT Hyper Compound
4. OPT polish
5. OPT wax
6. Meguiar ultimate quick detailer (UQD)

Lets start with some before shots


The side

The Front Hood

Severed Paint oxidated from heat, never wash, never wax never detailed for 30 years

U can see the light reflection that is so rough!

i can barely see the halogen light

Mission Start with the hood!
I ONR wash it with my new and fluffy microfiber towels
after that i clayed it.. forgot to take the contaminents i picked up during the claying,
clayed it twice with ONR 1:8 dilution as lube.
Makita power up
remember this?

and after a compound with wool pad

completed a quarter of the hood with just compound and i got this

so i continue with the mid section and the other right section
regain gloss and clarity

my friend helped me check for pain defects swirls, holograms and IDS

almost... but still not there yet. dis-satisfied, i continue to push, baring in mind, this is the first time im doing detailing on other people's car. abit scared abit terrified i persisted and my friend also encouraged me with some motivating words. remembering KC's advice, i continue on! and Finally...
Clarity! Reflection! Perfection!

Reflecting from once a dull, unattractive, No reflection, no gloss, plain "FLAT GREEN" Hood is now..

Due to time restriction as i just reached Ipoh at 3pm, i only had few hours to detail up the car. Luckily, the car is not used over the week so i shall continue on the coming saturday as when i finish its already dinner time

1st detailing journey!
I appreciate KC for guiding me without hesitation, it is because of him i can do this. Thank you KC, i deeply appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

my gears.
Thanks to Mun from the detailing clinic who gave me the heads up to buy this at ace hardware
Thanks to KC who taught me which rotor is suitable

Again Thanks to KC for sacrificing his personal collection of ONR no rinse wash and providing me with essential gears.

and also again Thanks to KC for purchasing me suitable pads & brushes for my mobile detailing

Thanks to Dave,Mun,Joe,Muhammad and Dave's friend who without knowing gave me motivation and support that I can be a car detailer.

Oh and dave, thanks for the coke i appreciate it, u went too early for me to say thanks!

End my post here, will continue to post the detailing process of this baby soon.

some extras when i went out with the car for dinner before returning it to the owner...
it is actually....

a reflection...



My Ma MA Mia

Congrats my buddy

wow wow ...i never got so close to what you are doing at my 1st attempt

I truly respect & put my hats off for your die hard, hard core spirit
drove down from ipoh & the 1st to reach KL on sat at 8am ...u started at 6am ke

thank you for sharing yr post with us, we are truly bless by yr generousity

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Default Re: Mazda 323: Zero2Hero not complete yet...

haha Thanks KC for the compliments, i wouldnt have been able to coupe with the rotor if you didnt train me.

The car is currently under the sun, reflecting like a diamond! claimed by my friend, My friends father was simply amazed that his 30 year old car looks as if it has been repainted! haha sheer satisfaction gained

Erm i didnt start at 6am, but 5am instead, 4.30 i woke up and prep and started my journey at 5am. I just love driving on the trunk roads, its a smoother drive and relaxing too. scenery when the sun comes out is just amazing! Praise the lord for creating such beauty

haha, im hardcore, die hard because you gave me the confidence that anybody can be a detailer, oh btw ive got a nissan 2 face hood to train on for free!! my uncle who owns a car workshop gave it to me. its time to replicate ur 2 face! hahah!

oh and i also need a galoon of ONR, more brushes and somemore microfibres. I'll contact you soon.
This weekend i will continue to regain this baby's former glory and shine! and a 2011 Kia Forte is waiting for a quick detail too!

Thanks KC, u r the man! God bless.


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Default Re: Mazda 323: Zero2Hero not complete yet...

Woh~~~hats off to you josh....Its me Joe....nice work bro....we all share the same happiness with you. That day after we finish that Iswara...my heart was really happy and i can hardly describe it with words. The satisfaction....



Thank You Josh

Thank God for you

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