August 25, 2010

Water Damage from Car Cover - Rewritting History by KC

Exclusive report - making the impossible possible

Ladies & gentleman
What you are about to see, the truth that was told by anyone & anywhere of the secret …..NAKED TRUTH danger of car covers…….not many car accessories retailer or manufacture would be happy about this but…the truth need to be told

Would I be the next witness turn victim????


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I had the most challenging task, never ever has I face with such a gigantic giant in my all detailing attempts.

I received a numerous messages daily, but 2 sat ago, I had quite an unusual Short Message ….while settling busy with our new place,

The message read as “ I need your help….water stain …I think..water under plastic cover after rain. On the bonnet mainly, (obviously there are more….rear boot, top roof, both rear quarter of the ride, side door)…

I replied “ try some polish , rub it off…”

Next morning “ Gd Morning, much appreciate if you can check my car, today as I am driving down to Singapore)…

Now that trigged me & My detailing passion arouse within…I invited him over in the afternoon after church.

Re: Water Damage from Car Cover-Check these Pictures
I had the same thing happen a number of years ago but not the same circumstances that you encountered. I tried a number of steps to get the moisture out ofthe clear to no avail. The clear coat will absorb moisture and the only cure is to repaint
Appended below are the report of my detail:-

this is a E90 330i Coupe..

the owner upon returning from overseas after 3 days, as he need to attend some urgent meeting. Discover that he forgetten to park his ride in, out of the kind heart of the domestic help, she cover the owner beloved ride with the car cover.

to the owner surprise, he was shocked to see these milky stain on his paint, as he tries to remove them by all kind of product, polish & rubbing compound he has but failed…

adding to this heart ache, is that he cant bear to drive this ride across down to Singapore…

the feeling of lost & anger. Captivated him thru out the night

more heart ache picture

Soon i discover, i actually woke up the sleeping giant....ever could i challenge and face.....
i shooked my head.....after many attempts but failed to restores her...

Delcately carefully ....upscalling the aggressive polish & compound & pad......

close up shot

many have tried in overseas & no results shown...will this too be fated to be repainted

I had no choice but lend me listening ear & helping hand to my beloved stranger (who became my friend later)

more damage inflicted on the roof of the ride

close up pic of the roof damaged by the

pick up from clay, in spite a proper wash
look like Tar stains

Rear bonnet more Milky stain evidence

a 50/50 area set prior correction begin….

Kindly pardon the following picture as the newly purchase SD card is malfunction, distorted all the precious picture. The best that I can restore.

look at the rear fender damaged ( more whitish evidence found)

more close up pic of the damaged fender, whitish stains are the damages, as clear coat is corroded off by the car cover

Ta da the bonnet is restores & the back fender is tape & cover to prevent buffing pad damages

3inch pad specially flown in from US to tackle task like this

picture of the damage spoiler, BEFORE

Restore Picture

Extreme close up pic before correction

Picture after corrections, matrix picture…

Hope was restores…but that 1 foot of correction took me nearly 2 hours to restores . The most delicate detail I ever attempt thus far.

Tada the rear Ultimate look for this Machines


Picture of the milky stains, damages from car cover water traps baked under extreme heat of the tropics

More damage front bonnet picture

extreme close up & under proper lighting picture

The ultimate Nose for the ultimate Driving machines

more of the pic after, (pardon for the damages SD card)

detail restored

the pads require for this OPERATIONS

Begin & Finish with Meguiars M# 105 & Rotary (all the way)
With the combination of Lake Country double sided wool , Meguiars Cutting Pad, Meguiars, Polishing pad, Lake country glazing pad

I am very very blessed to live in times like these, with all the cutting age technology & advancement of detailing product (the best ever made) making available .

to be able to have good detailing products & tools from overseas

thanks for viewing agin

FYI (More report covering car cover damages)

There was a similar damages happen in the state, having a similar looks on this bimmer

Water Damage from Car Cover-Check these Pictures
I have a 99 Purple Prowler which is left outsde with an Evolution 4 car cover and with a tarp over the cover. I took both off only to discover a large stain, milky-colored (about the 15" diameter)on the hood. I brought to a detailer who attempted to buff it out, without luck. I then brought it to a body shop, who has rarely seen this, but talked about the stain baking through and possibly attacking the clear coat, and would need to refinish the hood. Any ideas on commercially available cleaners I can try before going through this hassle and expense? Any suggestions are welcome! Here is the url for the pictures:

I thought it might be good to share this & pre warn all car owners & lovers of
The danger of Car covers….

more milky stains

Lets think twice before placing any car covers on your beloved car

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