August 2, 2010

486 cans of sardines

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

486 Cans of sardines - Humantarian relieve

I had the opportunity to bring a few of my South African, Autralian & couple of youth from the children home out for a little Humantarian relieve was a couple of weeks of planning ahead ago....

getting everything plan out we go

tyre check

driving on the edge

cam3l throphy

on friday night, i have to acquired as much cans of sardines i part of the relieve item required to feed the under priveledge families in the interior of the jungle... as protein supplement..esp during the monsoon rainy season is coming..where most of the world cant then..flood, land slides....

arrive at the hypermart....running from one end to the other, to hunt the best avail sardines...approach a numerous staff ...but ended up asking for boxes ... ....took me nearly 3 hours just to pack 486 cans of it & load up my ride...weight more than 1/2 tons

by the time i pick up my girls & sleep was 1.30 am, suppose to wake at 5.15am but over slept due to the alarm failure....oppss...just some extra my body can hardly stretch..after yesterday load of provision

went off to pick up from all over the town & off we go...

very soon my sprains on my leg & arms are lifted when i saw the mountains

O jungle people ...always happy people

to the these less fortunate people, whenm they have rice on their plates is consider rich, & if we are throwing off rice is consider SUPER RICH
some stuff we found along their garden



My new house

why ? let me tell u why so great...its on the durian tree
high security at night..for intruders never know when the bomb dropping
& at the reach of your hand the delicacies

the king of the king of the jungle...odd shape but kaw kaw DURIAN

and so convenience ...

eat & throw below.....hahahahahah

we went up all the way to meet some of them

we all are very happy & now we know why we need to be contended....inorder to be happy

thats where the less is more applies
it was 14 hours of the driving

that was the amount of provision we brought

stay tuned my next detailing..the jungle ride

have a great day

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