September 6, 2010

Opti Coat - Ultimate paint protection Coating in Kuala lumpur, malaysia

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

Opti Coat the car paint protection coating

21 years of oxidized paint that was doomed for repainting even professional body shop says is beyond detailing correction


(12 months ago)
pic after after 1st correctional detail

wet sanded

To removed paint imperfection before coating my single stage paint

M#105 with Wool by rotary

Followed by M# 105 with Lake country CCS

Optimum Polish with LC polishing pad rotary

Apparently, this coating was design to with stand all harshness of weather & environmental threat. Counted my blessing to be able to attained this & having this extra ordinary water beaded results

Pay attention to the blue tape mark area

tape prior coating, it is an area that I coat without any corrections



Pics after coated applied


prefect water beading pics…that I personally have not seen in my entire life…..look at the semi circle shaped water that’s beads up because of the surface tensioned

8 days later

Another morning midst & after over night rain pics


2 months later…another prefect moments again…rain drop on 2face

another unbelieving water beading picture, that I never seen on any single stage paint


the protected side has better water beading & the neglected side water splattered…horizontally


2 months later

stay tuned for more

conclusion....a coating that with hold the single stage paint like a clear coated paint...durable & lasting

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