May 5, 2010

ONR- Optimum No Rinse Guide

ONR- Optimum No Rinse Guide

Step by step guide to using ONR.



Wipe the dirt of with ONR + MicroFiber and wipe dry with MicroFiber:

50/50 after ONR:

Water beading after ONR:

After ONR + Optimum Polish II + Opti-Seal + Optimum Car Wax:


Condition Before:

A layer of dirt and water spots present on the paint.

Bird droppings:

Dirt and dust on the surface.

Wiping the dirt off with just a towel and water will result in the dirt being trapped between the towel and the paint resulting in scratches and swirls.

Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine (ONR) contains proprietary polymers which bond to the paint and encapsulate the dirt and the dirt is held in suspension in the water and washing medium to prevent it from scratching the paint and causing swirls.

It is therefore important that a quality MicroFiber (MF) towel be used in conjunction with ONR.

One MF towel is to be used to wipe the dirt off and two other MF towels are used to dry the car.

The recommended rate of ONR is 1 oz for 1-2 gallons of water. However, this can be adjusted based on the amount of water required to wash one car. After the first wash with ONR you should have a fairly good idea about the amount of water and ONR required. (1 oz. of ONR is approximately 3 caps.)

In this case, the amount of water is more than sufficient to wash one entire car. 2 capfuls of ONR were added to this bucket.

After mixing the ONR and water, just wipe the MF towel over the car and dry using the other two MF towels.

50/50 after the ONR wash. Note the dirt and water spots that have been removed with just one pass of ONR.

The polymers in ONR also leave behind a protective layer on the paint. This is demonstrated by pouring water on the 50/50 section.

Note that the water on the ONR washed side beads off more quickly than the unwashed portion.

This shows that ONR does leave behind a protective polymer film and will not remove any wax and sealants that have been used to protect the paint. In fact, washing regularly with ONR would extend the life of any wax and sealants as it would constantly coat the car with protective polymers leaving behind a glossy finish.

For bird droppings and other dirt, pre-soak the area with the ONR solution first and let it soak in for a few moments.

Then simply wipe off and wipe dry.

After ONR + Optimum Polish II+ Opti-Seal + Optimum Car Wax:

The washing medium is very important and we recommend using a quality MicroFiber (MF) towel. Due to the polymers in ONR, the dirt will be lifted off the paint and held in the solution and also in between the fibers of the MF towel to prevent any scratching to the paint.

Rinsing alone will not remove the trapped dirt.

Use some All Purpose Cleaner (APC) or a mild detergent to release the dirt from the MF towel.

Just spray on some APC and the dirt will just rinse off.

The amount of dirt trapped in the MF towel.

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