May 10, 2010

Ask for more

It always wonderful to received mails & lotrs of sms... most of it pertaining to enquiry & advise

i just felt to share with all of u out there

& taking this opportunity to thanks all my readers...& followers..u r the reason of my existence


its wonderful to be able to hear from you

Gua manyak sibuk (aka..... I am ver busy) on weekend as usually got detailing assigment
usually free on week days

Wow...i marvel all the passion u have for detailing

no worries....I remembered yr worries...i started from kancil not despise a humble begining....
back then i cant afford to own a machine of my own....while i was working in an orphanage ...i found a rob & my younger bro bought a hitachi (wanna to staart mobile detailing) & i main sampai (aka.....i played till) i burn my girl friend kancil my wife la & even drop my hitachi on her bonnet ...doink.....hahahahaha

looking back at those years.....just remind me how time with 2 children & a family...i even struggle to balance up my time.....equally attention needed to groom them & thanks to my wonderful wife being so supportive in allowing my passion to grows

all i did was craving after the knowledge & product by my consistency.....tried many attempts & failed many too...but the little of those..mistakes i did....i learnt a lot from them... my passion grows everyday...i spent so much time in googling during week day & tries all method i the end of the is the people surround me that helps me...i had a couple of good buddies & they are great people to be with Seech , fishbonez & hitachi

detailing ....i talk about it...not just to car clubs, mechanics, colleagues, clients, strangers ...auntie in the market & anyone At almost everywhere

the key to a great achievement does not only lies on knowledge but action with consistency...what do u do with what u know? are we like the the lazy worker who hide his talents below the ground? or like the 2 wise worker who multiply it? there is a wise saying once there is a master who is distributing his wealth to 3 of his servant, after a long time the master came back to ask for an account......the 1st 2 servant multiply the master wealth & given the power to control many of the master kingdom but the lazy servant...hided & sleep on his talents

all i did was...asking around for cars....after my little attempts of my own cars, i ask for my relative cars, my church friends & pastor, then my neighbour (even some of them think i am insane...spend hours on people though nothing better to do & my colleagues shares with theirs friends & the list never stops ther but grew
My motto is " Ask For More"

you too can make a difference

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