April 19, 2010

limited-edition Cayman S Porsche Design Edition Optimum detail

limited-edition Cayman S Porsche Design Edition just detail by KC's

Ladies & Gentleman

presenting you the 1st to detail limited-edition Cayman S Porsche Design Edition with Optimum OPT professionalWoke up early on Saturday morning to detail one of the first and only one of its kind in Malaysia with my buddy seech

on the way to classic
993 ....super charged powered engine

The Porsche Cayman S "Porsche Design Edition 1" arrives in conjunction with the 35th anniversary of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's original Porsche Design chronograph. Porsche Design, as you know, is perhaps best known for its consumer products and their simple, upscale design aesthetic.

With this 777-car limited edition, Porsche has worked to incorporate the Porsche Design look into a Cayman S. The gauge cluster takes on the appearance of a Porsche Design chrono, and the entire car is finished in black inside and out.

The body is lowered 10mm and the exterior is further set off by the 19" 911 Turbo wheels and matte black accent striping on the doors, hood, roof, and rear deck. Black Alcantara and a special plaque on the instrument panel help trim out the passenger cabin.

honoured to share with you

wash & onr on the whole car by Seech

dry by optimum waffle towel - aka water magnet cloth..

Clay with ONR as lube...diluting 2 ounces with 500 ml of water

The owner was very particular about not damaging the Porsche Design stripes so they were taped up before compounding.

pics before
from a distance ...the paint seems to be prefect & shinny & defect free


look closely under direct light & really close up inspection...u will find & discover

& more & more

especially under direct sun light..
we discover that this car is being detaill & swirls is not removed, instead more damages was inflicted on her

look at another hacked job...the evidence of being detail but the defect of hologram existed
__________________________________________________ __________

moving on the rims detailing...ONR wash

pic before

dirt grim dust brake dust tar plenty of contaminations

if these section of the car is not wash properly ....there is a transference of contamination to the rest of the car

brake dust fly everywhere from here…… you would know where it lands
my least aggressive & un conventional way of detailing...least aggressive

wool washing mitts...from my old ROB wool pad....sprayed with Optimum All cleaner

pics before

ta da...see what i collected

Optimum All cleaner agitating & brushing off with wheel brushes

Optimum All cleaner agitating & brushing off with wheel brushes

Optimum All cleaner agitating & brushing off with wheel brushes

brushing off with Optimum All cleaner
caked brake dust from the calipers

lower joints

next clay & lube with ONR no rinse wash dilution of 2 ounce with 450 ml water

You wouldn’t want to see

then optimum opti seal - sealing the rims prior waxing

Spray, buff off & walk away

ready to be wax

wipe & buff off at the same time

ta da

simple effortless washing & detailing

thanks to my my magic portion

another section


Ta da pics

getting ready with cover before heavy correction began

this remarkable special

__________________________________________________ ___________

lets see the power behind the wheels

not even at the back

oppsss...couldnt be found

after much considering & discussion...we notice the swirls is one thing & more severe issue here is RIDS
some 50/50% shots

LC double wool pad & M 105

look at the amout of scratches & RIDS removed.....

look at the 50/50 % before & after compounding

under halogen light

more 50/50% pics at front right fender

closer pics

the heat nearly took our breath away...working beneath a plastic shade

almost there pics

__________________________________________________ ___________
followed by Optimum Polish
& Optimum Finish

Optimum opti seal

Optimum opti wax

some finishing pics

i like black....ma ma mia

rear 1/4 curves

the side

the special porsche


its about time to call it a day....and i saw the other car we onr earlier under threat.....as

the rain came

i saw tremendous , water repelling & beading

my favourite

thanks for viewing again.. certainly its the most enjoyable time of detailing
we had

next next job another porsche

Our next assignment once we recover from this detail... Porsche 997 GT3.


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