May 11, 2010

washing damages

Hmmm, sounds logical too. Also whether the product fills the scratches and swirls depends on how liquid it is, right?


salute bro

I got a new product all u need to do is wipe on & walk away & will cover every fault...for any paint condition paint

would u buy that????


in replying to all UDMs
no way no short cut.....there are 3layers of paint on every ride...
premier - base coat 2ndly paint that is our colour 3rdly clear the protection of paint

over harsh & wrong techniques of will wear down this CC..... initially....minor strokes of scratch ...later RIDs randomly scratch & oxidation bring the road to doomed

washing damaged - cayman

washing damaged - honda accord

e 60 - washing damaged & was sent for correction but ended with more damage - buffing trails aka HOLOGRAMMING - done by un trained hands

nissan frontier - washing swrils supposely sent to a pro shop ...ended over done...paint burnt

e60 black - swirls from washing - daily washed by the maid

Lexus ....washing swirls by the ahmad

ferrari F 355
damages done by washing , neglection & abit of abuse

at the end of the day ...prevention is better than cure

is there any short cut need a certain amount of corrections

The very reason started us going around to bring this awareness is that the power lies in the hands of every owners

appreciate all yr comments

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