February 6, 2010

LEXUS LS 430 DETAIL by KC preparing for wedding car

I had another urgent call from my friend, on last wed
as he will be lendiing out his ride to be wedding car on sat....to a his good friend
as fast as the lighting strike ...i said yes....
took emergency leave....as this is one of the biggest event in life... u cant miss....a marriage cant be postponed....

Friday travelled about 36 KM...arrive at 8am......did 13.5 hours detailing
the rest of it, is history

GPS IMAGING ......satellite captured pics

any body play golf????? do u like to play in this terrain

how could this be

ta ta ta to this

very severe water stains

more pics before...more severely scratch pics

some correction request to be done

severely scratched contributing from washing technics

spotting contest????

Decorated with water spot ....

clayed front bonnet

a bit more after clay pics

pics taken from afar & the amount of scratch
Hologram is also visible

visible swirls roof

this is how it look like

before pics - damages inflicted by wrong washing technics & old rugs instead of Microfibers

close up pics - too much to begin with

pics of engine before

pics engine before

more pics before

Meguiars Gold class Vinyl detailer 50/50 comparrision shots

remember before


power behinds the wheels

before pics

after pics...gaining her dignity back

some miss out pic from the bay


before engine detailing


some effort & passion making her all new again

pics after

Menu for the paint work -

ONR rinseless wash - 3 micro fibers
Clay with mild clay - with ONR wash as lube
Quick wipe down

Test spot....Lake country Cutting pad with Meguiars M 105 - speed 1 to spread speed 2 - moderate pressure - speed 3 slow movement

resulting 80% light swirls diminishing, but RIDS aka deeper random scratches still very visible

change to
Lake country double sided pad with Meguiars M 105 - speed 1 to spread speed 2 - moderate pressure - speed 3 moderate & slow movement

much more better results but some RIDS is visible 10 % left

after 3 more passes with LC wool - seems more satisfactory

now - only when the surface is clean ... wiping off with microfiber, paint begins to smear...night mare begun

i have to back down with LC cutting pad speed 1 to spread speed 2 - moderate pressure - speed 3 moderate & slow movement

change all to completely new micro fibers
polishing with Lake country polishing pad

Meguiars M 205 with Lake country polishing pad speed 1 to spread speed 2 - moderate pressure - speed 1.5moderate & slow movement
finishing with
Meguiars M 205 withlake country finishing pad speed 1 to spread speed 2 - moderate pressure - speed 1moderate & slow movement

Meguiars M 205 with hand & NXT 2.0

finishing protection with Meguiars M135

Osren Tire shine

before - extreme swirls up

50/50 shots.....multiple wool & M 105 passes to gain this

front panel pics before

after 2 passes with LC wool Meguiars M 105 & LC cutting pad Meguiars M 105

another section close up pics before

after 2 passes with LC wool Meguiars M 105 & LC cutting pad Meguiars M 105

RIDS still very visible ....as the deeper scratch has deeper roots

wet sanding begins 2000

sanding mark

but there are some visible random deeper scratches still visible at extreme close up

pics before 50/50 area set

the other side - un done, left for MAster seech

pics before


pics after

smiling again

moving down to side door panel
driver side door
pics before

another 50/50 pics

remember pics before


glitering again

Moving on to another interesting section
right side doors before

ta ta ta
after pics

after pics

after pics

the wonders of M 205


moving on to another area

pics before....hard stain....water marks... pics without light

fro panel left side before

after Meguiars M 105 x 2passes with wool

another passes with LC Meguiars M105 +
LC polishing pad Meguiars M 205
LC finishing Pad Meguiars M 205

pics after

by this time...i just want to called it a day

moving on to another area
rear bonnet before pics
plenty of Water marks & hard stains (ONLY HAD SOME WINDOW TIME WITHOUT SUN FOR MY CORRECTION -

remember the close up

ma ma mia..........

pics after

extreme close up pics Before
swirls again from wrong washing techniques.... i dont think ...the weather...sun moon or rain or dust damage as much as from washing in a wrong way in a wrong hand

u can see that there is lack of definations

a little effort & PAssion
ta ta ta after

moving on to last area -
another shot for front bonnet 50/50

leaving this area especially for master seech to correct....& hear the expert opinion

by now i have compounded the car & this is the only place i left not corrected
for master seech

he came & saw & Did his Kung Fu - the owner was shocked to know ..... thats Seech was another OCD sufferers....very obssessive complusive Detailer....fanatically freaking Detailer.....we had a good laugh...he sya he didnt knew Polishing can be


its already 5pm....only 50% way done........the heat & the fatigue was immensed i would have walk a if it is not my friend...ride I struggle to stay or quit.....considering of the undone situation..... when i sit back & took these pics...i know I am not doing it for $$$ but for the sake of my friendship & a wedding to bless this new couple

Finishing pictures -
after Polishing with Lake country Pad with Meguiars M 205 polishing
& another round with Lake country Meguiars M 205 polishing
Meguiars M 205 polishing

glad to stay back to enjoy this

mama mia - flickering 2 K paint again

another pics

pics after the front panel


some day light pictures

left rear 1/4 area


some pics i miss out

left bumper quater

rear bumper

wet oily glossy look from Meguiars M 205

Ma ma mia

left last 1/4 area

right last 1/4 area

our next ride

I skipped my dinner.....gurgled in another 3 liters of water to rehydrate myself....
Hand polished the whole ride again to prevent any Hologramming - buffer trail marks left on the ride just in case

Hand Wax on...to prevent smearing of this soft paint - carefully buff off

sealed with Meguiars M 135

some finishing pics to share with you

thanks to Seech for allowing me to use his halogen lamp
otherwise I am blinded...& having him coming over to share my load

well....Black is known as any detailers night mare.... but having to detail my own black for these years equuipe me to face his giant....given time i ould like to do further

as this will be ferrying a new happy couple

the black beauty & glossy looks again

a little extra miles for him
did a quick interior detailing Wipe down Detail with meguiars Gold class Interior detailer

I would loves to see the new couple feel like a King & queen

i had an opportunity to sat at the most comfortable seats
earlier this morning

i had the most luxurious ride....the owner son, actually on the massage chair & console at my disposal

a chiller...that can hold ice cream

did u remember the roof

roof after

finishing pics

it was an extremely tiring day for me...i wish i had more time to in detailing this ride......both my arm fell a part

thanks for viewing again
coming soon

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