September 15, 2009

Die hard Meguairs Fanatics - detailing New HOnda CITY

This is 4 months old latest Honda CITY, being polish initial by step 2 & NXT2.0, weekly wash
& Last touch

megs sticker given by me, he is very influence by me, as he saw the results of Megs Power stuff, it was him who makes me gone into detailing

I've help me to acquired: gold class wash, clay, Quik Detailer, UQD, NXT 2.0, Step 2 & Microfibers cloths

Just when we about to called it a day (11pm), my good neighbour, started to wash his car & trying to polish off some minor scratches after being hit by a drop toll - pole

The moment when i turn my Halogen lights towards his yards, swirls that i have been waiting appeared. So there is no reason why A fellow Megs Fanatics couldn't help another Megs Fans to correct SWIRLS & beautify his rides,

So quickly, wash all my pads & spins dries & M80 yeah...resolve its swirls

what did we do:-
The owner is Megs Fans
Wash by gold class & 2 buckets
Dries by Micro Fibers towels

M80 with CCS cutting pads
M80 with CCX polishing pads

NXT 2.0 & UQD

this Record, we did the whole car less than 1 hours (super stop pit) express details

many hands is good, we had 3 pairs ........sorry too tired & excited, as he always turn my offer down. initial assessment, some minor water marks & swirls, as it is a daily driven & park outside.

tata...astonishing....megs power


look at those Kung Fu hands.

glittering- marie Carrie

great reflections

i like the front bumper, reminds me of Bumble bee


this is an ECO ride 95 % of it can be recycle..environment friendly

my extra pairs of hands

Thanks to Tim again, he is dedicated & passionate displayed in his work

Thanks for taking time to view....comments & feed back is always welcome

we tied everything by 1 am & a night before was 2am...what a fun detailing

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