September 15, 2009

grand lavina Nissan just detailed

This is the 2nd ride i detailed on sunday, (3rd for this weekend)
came home, after detailing the CRV honda, blown 1 candles for our youngest daughter .....we had a very good .....chocolate, cheese, cakes :-)

only yesterday night we faced a giant over his wife's little Hyundai. initial assessment some minor scratches & swirls. thank God Tim came over to help out.

What we did:-
2 bucket wash -
Clayed -
M105 with wool on the bonnet
followed by M80 with ccs cutting pad
M80 ccs polishing pad
NXT 2.0

Last touch with UQD

Results - astonising
some pics before

a glance you will not see any problem

But closer look

cuts on the hood


some pics of swirls


M80 - thats saves my day

like driving a new car without installment again

corrected pics

M80 makes its depth again

some pics before delievery

i like its reflections

i like the reflection

The owner was very happy got his new ride for a timely Balik Kampung, going back hometown for Muslim new year

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