September 14, 2009

Honda CRV timely detailed for celebration

This was the 2nd of the 4 rides(another 2 to go) that i detailed (solo). It was a referred client from the new black CRV owner ( post detailing delivered- 2 weeks ago) She is preparing for Hari raya (Muslim new year celebration) - 5 sweet sweat hours of detailing

elegantly yours

2 years old daily driven rides, frequent wash but lots of water mark & whitish stain. well hided under dim area.

what did I do:-
-2 Bucket wash
-APC on all wheels, boor trims with lots of brushes
-Gold class interior, exterior vinyl & plastic trims
-Eagle one on tires

-M 105 with CCS cuttting foam pad
-M 80 with CCS cuttting foam Pad
-M 80 with CCS polishing foam pad

M105 on all door & bonnet jam

NXT 2.0
finish with UQD

some pics to share, As i was detailing I miss both my princess....i can hear her sweet small voice singing in my ear (as she was singing the a new elephant song)
funny lyrics but has a very good moral....Elephant why do u have such a big trunk, elephant replies my mum says, only big trunk look nice on elephant....

everyone has an unique character....thats makes everyone of us was this tune kept accompanied me thru out my .....detailing

after detailed

some pics

some after




more became gray

more whitish stains

well hided with the colour

spotting the white spots....water marks

plenty of whitish stain & water marks (area which many drivers neglects)

some evident


just a bit more

lots of minor swirls

50/50 test spot area

test seems to be good & favorable to my time

tested with

more tested results

Tested finish M105

and cutting pad with M80

M 80 with polishing pad

after 5 hours of hard work & sweat of passion (and the elephant tune )


dripping wet



i like this colour

i like the reflection

this 18incher built some strength to this ride

cool reflection




nice reflections


elegantly yours

it is worth it all

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