December 7, 2009

solar eclipse 2012

Will there be a total eclipse of the Sun with a magnitude on 2012?

I cant answer that ...................But certainly yes, on this

greatest eclipse - Greatest eclipse is defined as the instant when the axis of the Moon's shadow cone passes closest to Earth's center. For total eclipses, the instant of greatest eclipse is virtually identical to the instants of greatest magnitude and greatest duration. However, for annular eclipses, the instant of greatest duration may occur at either the time of greatest eclipse or near the sunrise and sunset points of the eclipse path.

Pics of galactic eclipse

Ours closer eclipse picture


A glance from a far upon seeing our former ride, not bad

This Perodua Kancil, aka rain deer, had serves us very well, 11 years old, zero breakdown...only 660cc...most compact & reliable national make was from this we got our second Kenari & now the newest model Myvi...Manufacture AKA Daihatsu (Toyota's younger bro)....i have driven to Thailand & full loaded to Cameron Highland

but at a closer inspection, my heart ache, cos this was the ride that started me on Meguiars, my 1st love with Meguiars, after Gold class wax

Premature CC failure on the roof

I was pretty sad to see how this was

back 1/4 area...the amount of swirls ruins my sanity

We just return home to visit our 90years old grandma who had a fall, upon looking at this has greater injuries....

close up back bonnet , lots of stubborn stains & spots

Last 1/4 area - right side


sign of premature CC failure

I' cant agree that this CC surface needed to be repainted, of all that i have encounters, this seems to be a bigger Goliath to me

i was freaking out, while taking this pics...i can bear with RIDs scratches, swirls & hologram but not this

Menu for this ride
Quick wash with ONR
Aggressive clay with ONR as lube
quick wipe down

Megs D 151 PRC with ccs Cutting foam

Megs M 105 with ccs Cutting Foam on heavily swirls & oxidized area

Megs M 80 with CCS polish

Megs NXT 2.0


aggressive clay

clayed aggresively

pics before at driver side (right)

1st 50/50 pics right side driver door

pics after

pics before Back passenger door

pics 50/50 Back passenger door

Pics before

50/50 pics

Mama mia after

another before 50/50 pics

50/50 pics



more passes to remove deeper scratch

left side door before






last 1/4 pics before

last 1/4 closer pics before

how to deal with

tested 50/50

50/50 pics

50/50 pics

pics after

left side door before




upper roof before


day light pics

roof before

sign of premature cc failure





after pics

roof before pics

roof after pics

after day light

before door handle


some pics after
Engine Hood

engine hood

some day light shot...side door

i like the D151 glossiness & depth MA MA MIA



remember pics before


day light

now eclipse is gone & finally there is sunlight

Another Test UQD
on our way back from hometown, it was raining all the way

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