November 24, 2009

usual suspects

This is what i did not planned to do over last weekend:-

all i just want to do is to install of MB horn into my new another cans of worms...hahahahahahahahaha

in making Bumble Bee ...... this was just the beginning of my weekend adventure...................

all i wat is to replace this OEM horn, but at my discovery there is graffiti left behind ....and it is usually hided well

how can i close my eyes

i see lots of work here, splattering of engine oils

dirt behind the bumper

more evidence of dirt

megs APC at work

to my discovery, i discover there is a paint chip on the left side of my head lamp upper panel

both inside the hood & at the front of the panel

this is car is free from accident, suspected some acid fell on this panel

did a little extra of regular detailing for old ride, interior detailing
leather seats, aloe conditioner
Dash board & vinyl parts...Megs Gold class

Very good product aloe conditioner

still making my 9 years old leather smooth

protection against cracks

on my side door panel too

steering too

aloe indeed is the best value for Money product to protect your (investment) leather...i have also tried a numerous product like Ikea leather cleaner & conditioner, Lorenzo leather cleaner kits, Kit leather cleaner & conditioner, Cosway leather cleaner & conditioner (mostly local avail in Malaysia)

above all this is best, it worth every penny of yours


    i have some paint scratch on my persona and its very hurtfull.what type of megs that you suggested me to use.or else i can sent it to your workshop??give me your contact>> this is my

  2. Thanks Chocolate
    TQs for viewing my sites
    I like yr blogs too. very cool


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