December 14, 2009

Honda CRV rescued from paint shop

The owner was very sad of his currently 7 years old Honda CRV & about to sent it away for repainting, I have countless encounters to dealt with many single mum (parents) giving up their kids. When I was serving in a children home... i have countless of such encounters, as many of them are in dire states.....I had the same mission now over this ride

scratches on all side of the door area, as the park way is too small for this SUV

Mama mia - it hurts

heavily oxidized paint

in between of the rear bumper & last 1/4 area

scratches was all over...colorful grafitti

left passenger door & scratches


more....left front panel

i feel irritated, yucks... by its look, you know what species of homo-sapient patronized


Upper Front left panel

some may have mark this ride - X

this is a street driven & not a jungle ride



right passenger door

sign of premature clear coat failure, spots of whitish was all over the front bonnet

more evidence of early sign of clear coat failure, as i mentioned your ride is being wash by the road side car wash...hard scrubs & aggresive detergent used, owner said'' how did u know?''
i smiled

close up pic of premature clear coat failure, upper right side, showing some whitish spots



left passenger door

Menu for this ride

wheels & wheel archs & plastic trim all over the ride
APC 10: 1 & 5: 1 dilution with many brushes for
Megs Gold class vinyl & rubber dressing

APC 10: 1 dilution with many brushes
Megs Gold class vinyl & rubber dressing

Waterless wash
Clay with mild clay but upgraded to aggressive clay
ccs cutting with D 151 - yes but not aggresive enough to correct the oxidized paint
ccs cutting M 105 - slightly better * I discover a new way to compound
ccs polsihing M 80
NXT 2.0

Glass - heavily stained glass
CCS cutting M 105 * as stated above
CCS polishing
NXT on side
UQD outside & inside

Quick wipe down
dress with Gold class interior

back wheel was removed prior detailing the back
years of good stains accumulated

Engine pics

APC & brushes

APC & brushes

Given any owner...this is clean & good....walking away

but looking closer its seems to be Dull, stale & lots whitish

upon claying before pics

during clay

after clayed

more clayed



Back light encounters
Before....swirls created from washing



after pic...newly yours

before...this is the hardest surface I ever burning ..... at any speed




initial Test area - ccs cutting with D151
50/50 test area, as i last week I have very good results but......not this

frustrated, as i cant see much of different except felt smoother touch,
change pad & change to M105 slightly better as this CC is badly oxidized, how i wish i have a paint reader now, earlier i have discuss with owner, the severity condition & had to be very careful not to make it worst

after reading so much of KBM & suddenly out of the blue I stumble upon this method
after compounding with M105

misting the surface with 2 puff of H20 or puff 3 on cutting pad continue to work on the surface spread out on speed 1 slowly & continue with speed 2 moderate movement & little pressure & speed 1.5 lightly
repeat twice

1stly i am in tropical country, compound just dries up after few stroke of passes product dries very fast...if continue to polish on this residue swirls will be there, some how by spraying twice on the surface seems & go on a slower speed seems to be least aggressive & very effective results i acquired.. or mist 3 puff on my spinning pad, continue to work .by the 2nd or 3rd passes...soon i discover the results i was looking for.....although it not 100% prefect but least aggressive on fragile surface, in the edge of CC failure....I called it KCM

before pics

after KCM now clarity & definition reappears

pics before..lack of definitions & clarity

some finishing pics

little more testing before pics


blurish before
lack of clarity & smoothness after


tata tata

some finishing pics ........i just fell in love with M 80 all over again & again

the depth of M 80



Thanks to Barry for creating his waxtolgist scientist......M 80 ma ma mia

Remember before










Final back pics

some final pics before calling it a day, front 1/4 panel

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